1.  After sitting or lying down for a period of time......stretch....a lot and yawn big!

2. Just because there's food in the dish doesn't mean one has to eat it. 

3. Follow your curiosity; you never know how much fun you can find. 

4. Think before you follow your curiosity, you never know what trouble you might get into. 

5.  When there’s a lap to get into or a bed to share ….do it.  Never miss an opportunity to cuddle with the people you love and who love you. 

6. Be cautious if someone hurts you but don’t hold grudges.

7.  If they hurt you again or badly run away.  

8.  When there’s a chance for a walk or a ride….beat everyone else to the door. 

9.  Only lick a person’s face if they want you to. 

10.  If something moves you’re not sure of….BARK….a lot. 

11.  If someone offers you a treat take it and don’t forget to show your gratitude.

12.  It’s not a bad thing to get a bath, it can even feel good. 

13. Stare into the eyes of the one you love and let your look speak for you. 

14.  If it belongs to you pee on it so no one else will claim it…oh wait….no humans aren’t to pee in public. 

15. Never pass up the chance for a nap.