So I’m sitting at my computer watching a video of Justin Bieber throwing up and I’m wondering, “Why am I sitting at my computer watching a video of Justin Bieber throwing up?”  Anway, what is notable about the video (see it here --> ) is the fact that this guy was singing and, in spite of the fact that he was suddenly in the middle of a full blown projectile vomit, his voice coming out the sound system didn't change a bit.  The audience was, as it turns out, just listening to a recording. 

Many of you can remember Ashlee Simpson’s disaster on the Saturday Night Live stage when the sound system started playing her voice and she wasn’t even singing yet. She did some awkward little jig and left the stage.  See video -->  

Probably the most famous lip synching episode, a couple of decades ago, was Milli Vanilli. This duo was not only lip synching, they were lip synching to someone else's voices.  The folks in the music industry had quite a bit of egg on their faces when these guys won a Grammy.  Here’s a video of an awkward moment when they were “singing” and the recording started to skip.  --> 

Lip synching is just the beginning.  It seems like there is fake everything these days.  Fake reality shows, fake fireplace logs and fake body parts.  Heck, recently, one very well known college football player even had a fake girlfriend.   It really is turning into a Milli Vanilli world.