Is this global warming?

 All the environmental gurus keep warning us about greenhouse gases, ozone layer depletion, polar icecaps melting and other signs and symptoms of our planet getting warmer. I get it - lots of cause for concern. We all need to become greener and take a personal interest in our human footprints. But, hey enough already with the arctic weather. If I wanted to live in sub-zero temperatures I would have stayed in Alaska. It was warmer in Fairbanks when the Yukon Quest ended than it is here in North Dakota.

I'm tired of walking the dogs in windchills of -40F and so are they. Watching them try to balance on two feet while doing their business is getting old, as is scooping poop into a plastic bag that shatters in frigid temperatures. And then seeing fresh cat prints in tne new snow makes me want to weep and wet cheeks are not fun when they freeze. People be kind to your pets! Don't let the cat out when its so darn cold.

Well, haviing got that off my chest I feel a lot better! I may just have enough intestinal fortitude to survive the seemingly endless cylce of cold and wind and snow and cold and... after all,l I'm a North Dakotan.