Urgent! Uffda kitties and puppies need furever homes!

Several weeks ago the Uffda Fund was informed about an animal overcrowdng situation. Several people were engaged in  cross-breeding dogs with the ill-conceived plan of raising and selling small breed puppies. A friend of these folks approached Uffda for help. Apparently no one was working in the home and they could not afford to buy pet food. We were told there were several puppies and their mother, when in fact we soon found out the truth.  Upon further investigation it became clear that there were really 3 breeding females, 1 intact male, a new born litter of 5 puppies fathered by another male as well as 4 older pups. We were very fortunate that one of our foster parents agreed to take on the older pups and their mom. Adoptions are now under way. In the meantime we are attempting to persuade the family to  allow Uffda to spay, neuter and find permanent homes for the remaining dogs. These are not cruel people - they are, however, misguided in thinking that a mini-puppy factory is a way of making a living. If there is someone interested in fostering and/or adopting one or more of these little guys more information is availalble at www.petfinder.com on the Uffda Fund page ND20.