Patients who walk into Freeman Neosho Hospital might see some renovations under way.

“The renovation began on Friday, March 1, and is anticipated to be completed by the end of the month,” said Renee Denton, Freeman Neosho Hospital administrative services director. “This project will focus on the first floor from the main entrance continuing down the corridor to the café. The renovation will consist of installing new flooring, removing the current wall covering, and applying new paint to the walls.

“This renovation will provide a more aesthetically pleasing environment for our patients and visitors,” she added. “The patient care at Freeman Neosho Hospital has always been of the highest quality — now the interior décor of the building will exude that same focus on quality.”

Denton said there will be no services interrupted throughout the renovation.

“During the removal and installation of flooring near the emergency Room entrance, traffic for that area will be re-routed to the main entrance of the hospital for up to a 24-hour period,” she said. “Extra staff will be present to assist with directing patients. While our maintenance staff have planned this renovation very carefully to ensure that no services will be interrupted, there may be a minimal increase in noise level during the two-day flooring removal process. Some work will be scheduled during evening hours to minimize any inconvenience to our patients.”

Freeman Neosho hired several local contractors to aid in this renovation.

“Once the project is completed, patients will be pleased to see upgraded flooring, new paint, and pleasing décor,” Denton said. “Our hope is that the new look will be as visually pleasing to our customers as the quality of care that we provide.”