One morning as I headed out along Wildcat Boulevard, a sliver moon was rising in the east.

One morning as I headed out along Wildcat Boulevard, a sliver moon was rising in the east. Some days the moon is setting, some days it is overhead, and others it is just appearing. I guess the Earth and the moon are not perfectly synchronized for the moon to appear at the same place at the same time each day.

My mind was flitting from topic to topic as I walked along that day. Those people who live in the northern parts of North America are having a bitter and a late winter. I read that Alaska is allowing the citizens to keep studded tires and chains on their vehicles for two weeks longer this winter because of the ice and snow covered roads.

Spain certainly has had its financial problems. I recently read that a Spanish company is making mattresses which contain a safe. They advertise: "Your money stays close to you!"

Libraries have adapted to the times. Today, a person can check out videos and use computers at the library. Libraries are not only for books. The Basalt Public Library, in Basalt, Colo., also has packets of seeds that can be checked out. The borrowers save seeds from the plants grown that season and return them to the library in the fall.

Conservationists in Germany are elated that beavers have made a comeback in German rivers. They report beavers have even taken up residence in Frankfurt and Berlin. Scientists claim the resurgence of beavers helps bring back other species of wild animals.

Most of the German beavers live in the deep rivers and cause no flooding problems. There are some trees lost, but scientists believe that will not to be a problem.

Missouri has conducted a wild turkey survey the last few years. Volunteer citizens report any turkeys seen in June, July, and August. Surveyors in Minnesota have begun gearing up for the annual Minnesota Frog and Toad Calling Survey.

In this survey the citizens must be schooled on the different calls of the 11 species of frogs and three species of toads. They are supplied with a CD of recorded sounds and a picture poster. They visit 10 selected spots again and again to get an accurate count.

A trucker cousin called the other morning. We had a nice chat. When he was ready to hang up he said, "Well, we talked from Emporia to Topeka, Kan."

Take a walk, check out the moon, think about a variety of subjects each day, use those signal lights, and see what you notice or think about while passing along Wildcat Boulevard.

Russell Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.