It's a good thing detox is only a couple of times a year.

So I made it through detox.  I'll admit, I did cheat, but it wasn't a lot.  I had to make the vegetables into smoothies because I gagged on a lot of them.  I'm a wuss I know.  However, by the time the week was over, I was down 11lbs!!!! I was so excited.  This week we are working regular foods back into our meals.  Protein at every meal along with fruits and vegetables.  No breads, pasta or grains.  That is a struggle for me. I have only has pasta one time, but bread is a struggle for me.  We had burgers this weekend and of course I had to have it on a bun.  My mother-in-law made chocolate chip cookies, so I ate some.  I like to drink when I play cards, so I did that.  The detox was good for me, but I've gained five of those pounds back.  I'm down six pounds from when I started, but I need to continue eating how I was right after the detox. 

I also noticed during the detox that I didn't have heartburn.  However, when I started eating things that were high in sugars, I got instant heartburn.  It's definitely something to think about it and consider when eating foods that I know aren't great for me.

I'm pretty sure I was angry at my husband for quite some time.  He and Corbin (our son) went to get some ice cream and that was all I could think about.  I just kept asking him for food and when he wouldn't let me have some, I would get upset.  He kept saying he was trying to help me and I understand that, but I definitely think its a mind thing.  When I wasn't thinking about cheese sticks, subs, or cereal, I was fine.  However at other times, I just wanted to eat.

This week hasn't gone so well. My husband is gone and I have been running to grab lunch from restaurants and just grabbing something on the way home for supper.  I have however been exercising more and feel really good.  My next 5k is in 18 days so I'll definitely have to put some time in.