With school just around the corner, the Neosho Christian Church, 13608 Palm Rd., Neosho, is hosting a B.O.C.K 2 Skool (Building Outstanding Christian Kids) event from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

"Grade levels Kindergarten-12 (school children) are invited," said Jan York, event coordinator. "What I did, I set up six different sessions that they will go to, they are each 20 minutes long. There are four (sessions) that are actually learning type sessions to kind of gear them up for the school year. The purpose is just to get them excited about the school year, give them information, and just get them hyped up to start the new school year with a positive mindset, attitude and to be an example of Christ, where ever they are whether they are at school or home or wherever."

The sessions are as follows:

• Got Character: Neosho district teaches students a new character trait each month. According to information about the Saturday event, "we have aligned the character traits with a scripture about good character."
n Drug Free… That's Me: this session will provide students with information about drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, synthetic meth and other drugs, plus how harmful they can be.

• Learning is an Adventure: come listen to the powerful testimony of a Neosho native and Neosho graduate who discovered that learning is much more than a job, it is an adventure. Motivating and encouraging: topics include making right choices and maintaining a positive mindset.

• Don't Laugh at Me: negative words, name calling and being mean can be very hurtful. This session teaches students not to make fun of other people because they are different. It will talk about the bully, the victim and the bystander who does nothing.

• Team Activity: time to do some team building.

• Snacks.

The event is free of charge.

"We have a few prizes to give away at the end, then school supplies to give away and then have pizza at the end," she said. "We have a man in our church who works for Price Cutter in Joplin, and they had a pallet of supplies that they had not used the previous year, so we got those. We have had people that have donated some, we can't supply everything that they need, but we can get them some of the things that they need."
There is no pre-registration needed, York said.

"When they come to the front door, we just need student's name, parents' name and a phone number," said York. "They can drop them (kids) off and then come back and pick them up. We will be asking the parents, when they sign them in, if they would like to come back and join them for pizza so that we can get a good head count."

For more information, call 389-4824.