GRANBY — On Saturday, three East Newton High School seniors in drama class will direct three one-act plays.

The Senior Directed Fall One-Act Festival will be held at 3 and 7 p.m. at the high school. Tickets are $5 for adults, $3 for students/ children, with children under 2 free.

The Daily News asked directors Ronnie Hearn, Tasha Beal and Aaron Lawson some questions about the upcoming plays.

NDN: Tell us about the play that you are directing.
Hearn: The play that I am directing is called Circus, by Ron Dune. Circus is about a girl having a nightmare about winning tickets to the circus. When she goes to the circus something terrible happens. She has to convince her friends that their life is all a dream and change the ending to the nightmare.
Beal: Das Box is a mysterious comedy about a large box being delivered to a man who doesn't have the time to watch it. Various people are left to watch this mysterious box as hilarious and random excuses arise. It's a very fun play that will keep you wondering until the very end.
Lawson: I am directing My Prom Date Was a Felon. This play is about a lonely boy on his senior prom, meets a girl that needs his help and the help of his friends.

NDN: As a director, tell us what you do such as did you pick the play, the cast, etc.?
Beal: As the director, you choose the play, the cast, when and where auditions and rehearsal are held, costume, set, and well pretty much everything.
Lawson: As the director, I get to put the show together all ready for show night to see happy or sad faces that are delighted with the play. I picked the play because of comedy it's funny. The cast was hard to pick, did have to think, but it all worked out.
Hearn: From the ground up, finding a script, holding auditions, designing the set, costumes, makeup, etc. I have done the entire process myself, with much needed advice from my theatre instructor.

NDN: Is this your first time directing a play?
Lawson: This is indeed my first time directing a play.
Hearn: Yes, unless you count writing a short script for me and my siblings to perform on Christmas day, when I was a kid.
Beal: Yes it is.

NDN: Is it hard to direct?
Hearn: I wouldn't say it is hard, but it is very stressful.
Beal: It can be quite stressful at times and there's a lot that needs to be done, but it's not completely overwhelming.
Lawson: Directing is hard, but I believe that whenever I get used to it, it will be far easier. I plan on being a director of a famous play or movie.

NDN: How excited are you to direct the play?
Beal: I am very excited to finally be directing my own show. Even though it's quite stressful, you learn a lot and it's a crazy good feeling to know this show is all put together because of you.
Lawson: I am very excited, stressful indeed, but I'm happy to have this option. It also helps me prepare for my future job.
Hearn: I am very excited to have the opportunity to be on the other side of making this amazing script come to life. Looking back and knowing that everything that has happened is because of you is an amazing feeling.

NDN: What has drama taught you?
Lawson: Drama has taught me the balance and importance of stage. I now know how to build and fit flats. It is amazing how I could learn all of what I know in three years of drama.
Hearn: Drama has taught me how to express myself with the most basic human emotions.
Beal: Drama has taught me to not be afraid to try. It has also taught me to come out of my shell and be very expressive. Also, you can never be too "over the top."