With the freezing weather, so far there have been no power outages, which also means no warming stations.

“Of course in 2007, we had shelters as well, because we had so many power outages,” Newton County Emergency Management Director Gary Roark said. “We have not had any power outages in Newton County at all, had no request for anything. We were prepared for it if we had any power outages. We had a conference call on Friday and they were pretty certain that there would not be any freezing rain or anything that would cause buildup on the lines to cause power outages. We were lucky.”

However, if the situation arises, Roark said they are prepared.

“We are just running under normal conditions right now,” said Roark. “If something does happen, we are set up with the Red Cross and with some of the primarily churches in the county that have agreed to operate shelters for us if they are needed. With the power being on everywhere, people are pretty well taking care of themselves. You think back to 2011 when we had that big snowstorm, real cold weather for a couple of days, we didn’t have any (warming stations) then even because people still had their power, so they had heat, electricity, so it worked out pretty good.”