Are you selfie-involved or selfie-aware? Find out now.

Waiting for take-out? Dressing for work? Taking out the trash? Getting a yearly physical? Take a selfie! Or so goes the thought process among the socially addicted and self-involved. Like it or not, the selfie is here to stay; even Oxford says so. But just because the term happens to now appear in the dictionary, does that make the action itself passable? Maybe. But only in rare instances (and they likely have nothing to do with you waiting in the doctor's office or going to the store for milk. You're somewhere amazing (and that means ahhhh-maz-ing) You climbed Mount Everest. You stood on the Great Wall of China. You attended the Inaugural Ball (the one in the actual White House). For the love of Pete, take a selfie! Documenting an extraordinary experience or accomplishment with a quick self-portrait is totally OK (even encouraged). You're with someone amazing There seems to be a lot more validity to co-selfies (perhaps you saw the Oscars this year). We get it; you want a picture with your best friend, your new fiancé or Vladimir Putin, but no one's around to snap the photo. A selfie is totally appropriate (although in some of the aforementioned cases it may raise some diplomatic concerns). You're sharing something hilarious You probably think it's wildly inappropriate to post a selfie of your derrière (unless, of course, you're Kim Kardashian), but let's say it's 4 p.m. and you just noticed you'd been traipsing around the office or town with a 6-inch "34x30" sticker on your rump. Now that's selfie-worthy. As are any other side-splitting situations. You're pregnant This comes with the caveat that you haven't posted a picture of your belly in less than 3.4 hours, which obviously excludes most would-be-mommy-selfie-posers. One belly shot for each trimester is all the general public needs, so try to restrain from posting that "24-week-3-day-and-7-hour bump" shot. You're secretly snapping someone else So you spotted someone who could be Nick Cage's twin but you feel a little dumb asking for a picture. No worries; an on-the-spot selfie that allows Mr. Possibly Nick Cage to unwittingly photobomb you is completely valid. This also works well with passers-by who might be wearing entertaining apparel. Welcome to the new world of selfie-awareness.%3Cimg%20src%3D%22http%3A//