GRANBY — More than 85 senior citizens attended Tuesday’s East Newton Senior Citizens Banquet at the high school.

GRANBY — More than 85 senior citizens attended Tuesday’s East Newton Senior Citizens Banquet at the high school.

One of the participants was Janell Harris.

“Actually, I have only been here for about three times,” she said. “My grandson is in STUCO (student council) and he is one of the servers; he invited me.”

The senior citizens were treated to lasagna, green beans, bread, coffee, tea or water and desserts. There was also musical entertainment and door prizes. The high school’s student council sponsored the annual event.

“I am so excited to see senior citizens come to this banquet, just because it is very enriching for the community,” said Ashley Burns, president of STUCO. “And to have them come, support STUCO and East Newton High School itself is great.”

The event began at 5 and ended at 7 p.m.

Asked how honored she was that STUCO was honoring the district’s senior citizens, Harris said, “I think that it is great, I really do. I think that it gives you an opportunity to get out here and see everybody. I have not seen these people in a long time.”

At the beginning of the banquet, STUCO’s advisor Bobby Stafford also thanked the guests.

“You are our honored guests,” he said. “We want to show our appreciation for all that you mean to us and all that you mean to the community, to the school district and we are just so thankful that you are here.”

Burns also thanked the businesses that donated to the banquet.

“We went around to our local businesses got so many door prizes and that also helps those small businesses,” she said. “It is really great.”

Burns said that it took weeks to prepare this banquet and that the student council members worked really hard on it.

“It is one of my favorite events that we do for the community,” Burns added.

And Burns noted that the senior citizens really appreciate it.

“They always love it, I know that at the end is when we get the ‘goodbyes,’ but they love seeing us,” she said. “For some reason, they just love having youth serving them, they always complement us. They were us one time and we will be them one day. And to know that we can bring everyone here, that we can all be together, spend time with each other, enrich the community this way is beneficial. It is great.”

Harris also thanked the students for putting this on.

“I think that these kids are wonderful,” said Harris. “They are good kids.”