Multiple phone calls have come into the Newton County Sheriff’s Department about a scam targeting residents.

“A guy is calling individuals saying that he is with the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes, that they won ‘x’ amount of dollars and that they need to pay the taxes on it,” said Sgt. David Trimble with the sheriff’s department. “He is requesting them to get money put on cards and then call him back, give him the number of the card and the access number and all of that.”

The scam — according to Trimble — has been going on for about the last month. And if residents do receive a phone call from this particular individual, Trimble said not to give him money or have anything to do with him.

“We believe that it is the same guy, he will call them up, he will have their name, address, everything,” the sergeant said. “He is telling that he is with Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes and he is going to come to their house with a couple of FBI agents, U.S. Marshals and someone with the IRS. And they are to have the money there to pay for the taxes. But then he does everything over the phone, pretty much takes the money and is able to take the money off of a card that I, think that it is called a ‘Green Dot Card.’”

Trimble said the caller is not targeting any specific age group.

“We just want to warn the public that this is a scam and if they get a call from him, not to speak with him, not to give any money,” he said.

For more information, please contact the Newton County Sheriff’s Department at 451-8300.