The Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma has announced a major project to their facilities in West Seneca.

The old Bordertown building will be re-opened on Feb. 1, with a country and western theme. The casino will have 600 new slot machines and have an extensive entertainment venues. More importantly, the re-opening will create an additional 65 jobs in the Seneca area. Combined with the approximately 500 at Indigo Sky, this will be more than 600 employees for the tribe.

The entertainment at Bordertown will feature bucking bull on a sawdust arena as well as boxing matches, tuff man contest and other somewhat macho events. Jackpot bull riding will be held each Friday and Saturday night.

A chuck wagon restaurant will offer home style cooking and the “best steaks in the four-state area.”

Bordertown’s floor space can be change to hold a large banquet that will seat 800 people.

Glenna Wallace, chief of the tribe, says there is plenty of room for both Indigo Sky and Bordertown.

“We don’t have any trouble getting workers,” she said. “And we are glad to add these jobs to the area.”

Current manager Rick Smith and Brett Barnes will manage both casinos.

“There will be lots of crossover business,” Smith said. “We will use the hotel and other facilities at Indigo Sky. The two sites will compliment each other very well. We anticipate a different cliental at Bordertown. A different age group and a different interest.”

Wallace says the opening of Bordertown is a case of make lemonade out of lemons.

“Last winter, some pipes burst in Bordertown and flooded the place. But we had insurance and now that the insurance money has been paid, we are in the midst of remodeling for our new facility,” she said.

So, come Feb. 1, the Indians will be welcoming the cowboys at Bordertown Casino.