The Seneca Indians lost their home opener to the three-time defending state champion Lamar Tigers on Friday night by a score of 0-59.

In a word, Seneca is tough. Win or lose, Seneca players are now and always have been tough. It was a hard night on Tom Hodge Field, but the team never buckled and never quit.

After the game, Seneca Head Coach Dan Scheible said, "I've always said, when a team is exposed in a game, it shows up in their kicking game and it showed in their (Lamar's) first kickoff."

The first play from scrimmage was a Lamar touchback.Any time the Tigers wanted the ball in the end zone on a kickoff, they got it.

"When you have to start every series on your own 20-yard line, it's tough," Scheible said.

The Tigers scored touchdowns on their first two possessions, whereas Seneca was three downs and a punt each time. Lamar's third series of the quarter, started on their own 27-yard line. The Tigers moved the ball into Seneca's red zone, but were stopped short when Seneca's Blake Butler sacked Lamar's quarterback Tripp Tucker for a five-yard loss. The Tigers facing a fourth down and 13 yards to go, had to settle for a field goal with 1:11 on the clock.

The teams switched ends for the second quarter with Lamar leading 17-0. Lamar dominated the second quarter scoring four touchdowns on four possessions. The Indians went into the locker room at half-time behind 0-45, without having earned a first down.

"Looking at the game tonight, we did not see the improvement we needed since last week. It (improvement) was there, but it wasn't enough. The team we played tonight played a different (style of) game than the team we played last week," said Scheible.

The Tigers received the kickoff for the second half and began moving the ball. With 10:57 on the clock, Seneca's Jacob Walker and Lamar's Danny Embry lost their cool after a play was over, both players were ejected.

"That's going to hurt us next week. We not only lost him (Walker) for the rest of this game but he's out for next week. He's a three-way starter for us, we'll be using a freshman all next week as a punter," said Scheible.

Lamar scored two more touchdowns, both in the third quarter. Sophomore Lance Hymer stepped into Seneca's running back slot for the remainder of the game and picked up Seneca's first first-down of the game. The Indian's coaching staff rotated players in and out throughout the second half.

"I think almost every kid played tonight," said Scheible.

Seneca is home again next week taking on the (0-2) Mount Vernon Mountaineers. The Mountaineers lost by more than 60 points in each of their first two contests. Both teams will be looking for their first win this season.

"We'll get after it this week," Scheible said. "That's what's great about this game, we get next week to get better."