Neosho Gold 6, Joplin Blue 0

Ryken Shallenburger had 43 yards rushing, Alden Brodie had 41, and Jonah Reed had 22 yards and a touchdown carry as the Neosho Gold defeated the Joplin Blue, 6-0 last Saturday.

Also adding rushing yards was Will Meyer with four.

For the defense, Shallenburger, Jonathon Chrisco and Willie Valesco had six tackles each, followed by Aiden Brodie and Reed with five, Jacob Cholka and Houston Smith with a pair apiece, and Caleb Cunningham, Meyer, Nickolas Ward and Denver Welch with one each.

 Neosho Black 40, Joplin Red 22

Denver Washington had three touchdowns, Collier Hendricks had two and Quenton Hughes had one as the Neosho Black defeated the Joplin Red, 40-22.

Washington had a total of 14 carries for 216 yards rushing, while Hendricks had five carries for 74 yards and Hughes had five carries for seven yards.

Zach Goff had six carries for 19 yards and a 2-point run conversion, while Hendricks also had a run conversion. Others having rushing yards included Drake Swift with three carries for two yards and Brayden Selgeby with a carry for two yards.

Hendricks also had a return for five yards, while Washington had a pair of returns for a combined 38 yards.

On the defense, Hendricks had a pass deflection and 1½ tackles. Others getting tackles included Washington with 5½, Drake Swift and Wyatt Friend with 2½ apiece, Lucas Bartley with 2, Hughes and Caleb Reynolds with 1½ each, Victor Hawkins and Cooper Horne with one, and Selgeby and Cade Camerer with half a tackle each. Nicholas Larson had a pass deflection.


Neosho Gold 20, Joplin Blue, 14

Brock Franklin, Bryce Willis and Austin Rodriguez each had touchdowns as the Neosho Gold bested the Joplin Blue, 20-14.

Franklin had 75 yards rushing, while Willis tallied 48 and Rodriguez had 19.
Franklin also had an interception and three tackles on defense, while Willis, Rodriguez, and Carter Baslee also contributed a trio of tackles. Dakota Kivett had a pair of tackles and a fumble recovery, while Collyn Anderson and Brandon Cargile each added a tackle.

Neosho Black 34, Joplin Red 0

Jared Siler had a pair of touchdown runs, Dante Washington and Jeremiah Cobb each had one, and Kameron Dunaway had a fumble recovery for a touchdown as the Neosho Black cruised to a 34-0 victory over the Joplin Red.

Siler scored on a pair of 20-yard carries, while Washington had a 23-yard TD run and Cobb carried for 6.

Washington also hit Cobb for a 2-point conversion pass and a successful carry for the 2-point run conversion.

Cobb led the defense with six tackles, followed by Washington and Hayden Murphy with four apiece, Michael Day and Siler with three, Dunaway with two and Kaiden Tunnell, Desmond Armstrong, Nico Olivares and Nathan Mitchell with one each.

Joplin Blue 12, Neosho Gold 6

Trent Neece tallied 114 yards rushing, including a 4-yard touchdown run, as the Neosho Gold fell to the Joplin Blue 12-6.

Others with rushing yards were Evan Haskins with 19 and Tristen Mason with 9.
Haskins led the defense with seven tackles, followed by Kolby Hood with two, Harrison Slinkard with 1 ½, Neece, Clayten Smith, and Pete Houk with one apiece, and Adam Chambers, Nate Copeland, and Grant Campbell with a half tackle each.
Neosho Black 14, Joplin Red 12

Neosho’s defense didn’t get a real workout in the second half as the Black edged the Joplin Red 14-12 in action last Saturday.

The Black recovered two kickoffs themselves, with Tristan Clanton and Connor Jordan getting those turnovers.

Logan Whetzell scored a touchdown and tallied 37 yards rushing while Hayden Crane amassed 117 yards rushing and a two point conversion run. Others tallying rushing yards were Talon Mitchell with 32 and Landon Werneke and Brayden Hardage with three each. Clanton had a 31-yard punt.

Crane threw an 11-yard missile to Jordan for a touchdown. Landon Lane had one return yard.

Seth Green and Werneke each had four tackles, while Nathan Xiong and Marcus Duncan had three, Clanton and Logan Whetzell had two, and Crane and Elijah Mojica had one each.


Neosho Gold, 32, Joplin Blue 20

Domenick Kirkwood dominated during last Saturday’s 32-20 win over the Joplin Blue, having four touchdown carries and a total of 154 yards rushing in the contest.

Meanwhile, Blake McFarland had a 15-yard touchdown run, while Dalton Brodie added 15 rushing yards, Landon Kivett had 9, and Landon Austin had 3.

Kivett also had 29 passing yards, while Austin and Brodie had 9 and 20 yards receiving, respectively. Kivett had 30 return yards, Brodie had 10, and Kirkwood had six.

Will Jennings and Brodie led the defense with five tackles each, followed by Kaden Decker, Bryce Killian and Kivett had four each. Kivett also had two interceptions for the day.

Others making tackles included Austin with three, Brandon Crisp and Kirkwood with two apiece, and Myles Buck, Caleb Elliott and Blake McFarland with one.

Joplin Red 28, Neosho Black, 0

Jeremiah Larson tallied 21 yards rushing, while Sam Sullivan had 18 and Drayke Perry got 3 as the Neosho Black fell to the Joplin Red 28-0.

Racey Sandley had six yards passing for the day, while Brandt Gonzales had six yards receiving.

Racking up return yards were Eric Siler with 22 and Jeremiah Larson with 7.

Drayke Perry had seven tackles, followed by Sam Sullivan with five, Shandley with four, Gonzales, Hunter Reynolds and Siler with two apiece, and Jeremmiah Larson with one.