While of vacation in Cody, Wyo., recently I attended a big breakfast and just as I got seated, a couple came up and asked if they could sit at the table. It turned out that the man was the city administrator for the City of Cody. He had only been on the job for three weeks, but was an experienced city administrator, having worked in both Wyoming and Idaho.

Mr. Cook and I had a great visit. He was very interested in where we lived, and asked several questions about Neosho and Newton County. Russell always walks every morning when we are traveling and he complimented Mr. Cook on how unusually clean the streets were. Mr. Cook said he would pass the compliment on to the street department. We also mentioned that we had seen mule deer in town. He said that was a very touchy subject in Cody. About half the people liked having the deer in town and the other half did not.

We told him about our experiences with wildlife in our neighborhood and about trapping in our yard. We also told him our local animal control officer took good care of a skunk we caught. He was very interested in how the city and the conservation department worked with us. After a good breakfast and, I thought, some good conversation, the couple left the table. He said he wanted to shake a few hands since he was so new in town.

I spent only three days in Cody, but I got to meet and had a nice long conversation with the city administrator. Neosho’s city administrator has been in town quite a while—maybe a year or two, and I’ve never met him. Guess I don’t get out much. Life is strange.

On our way home, we had just crossed the Iowa line and stopped in Mound City to grab a sandwich. As we walked into the McDonalds, there in a booth beside the door, sat Jim Heaney, the superintendent at the Carver National Monument. I’m not sure who was more surprised, Jim or us.

He has just sat down with his meal and asked us to join him. We sat for almost an hour just talking about the Carver Monument and the things going on up there. It seems that every time we are around Jim, everyone is too busy to chat, so it was nice to spend some quality time together.

After about an hour, we left. Jim was going north to Omaha for training at the regional offices, and we were headed south for home. We were glad to get to break bread with him.

Also on our trip, we met John and Rita Deer from Colorado. Mr. Deer is a board member of the National Reining Horse Association. They are coming to Oklahoma this fall for an annual meeting. They have also accepted our invitation to come to Neosho. I don’t know much about reining horses, but this couple likes Doug Hall’s paintings and we promised to take them to Doug’s studio. I hope we can also arrange some kind of meeting with local rodeo people if Mr. Deer has time. We’ll have to wait and see.

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.