October is getting away from me. I believe this is the busiest month for me. Apparently, people feel that October usually has nice weather and the foliage is good so they schedule everything for that time.

I only have one major thing left this month. We are expecting company from North Dakota over the Halloween weekend. Russell’s brother Todd, his wife, Judy, and daughter, Lyndsey, are coming for a couple of days.

They live in the country and don’t usually have trick or treaters so Lyndsey is excited about that.

Lyndsey was involved in a car wreck several years ago and is handicapped.

She had just finished her first year of college and was working in a nursing home for the summer. She always loved working with the elderly. Each day when she finished work, she stopped at a gym to exercise before coming home. On that fateful day, her car was hit by a gravel truck. Her car was turned over and began to burn. A passing motorist stopped to help, cut her seat belt with his knife, and pulled Lyndsey out of the car.

It was only by the grace of God that not even a hair was singed, but her body was badly crushed. Practically every bone in her body was broken.

Lyndsey’s life was touch-and-go as she lay in a coma for about six weeks. As she slept, doctors tried to do some repairs on her body, but little could be done because of her condition. When she finally woke up, no one knew what to expect. But almost from the beginning it was obvious that while most of her body was crushed, her mind escaped damage. She knew everyone, even people she hadn’t seen in years. She could read and do math and even tell jokes. Her wit was completely intact.

Ever since, she has been being repaired. Everything from her jaw to her legs and arms to her torso has required repairing. Her motor skills are still not working very well, but she is constantly working on them. Using a computer that she can talk to, she started back to school after a couple of years and. with on-line classes and by taking her wheelchair on campus, Lyndsey is about to graduate from college.

You would have had to have seen Lyndsey early on to appreciate how far she has come. And that love of working in a nursing home stayed with her. Her college degree will be in geriatric care and she wants to work in an administration role in the nursing home field. She has learned a lot about nursing care and has even been asked to speak at a nursing home conference. Even with her halting speech she was an inspiration.

So, Lyndsey will be our “candy passer outer” on Halloween night. We will sit her in the foyer and have the little ghost and goblins come in and take their treats from Lyndsey. I suspect, because of her wit, she will have something funny to say to each kid.

The gals at my beauty shop are happy about our plans, saying that kids readily accept the handicapped and they don’t think Lyndsey will have any problems.

I hope we don’t have a great lot of kids because I am sure she will tire after a while. If so, we will turn off the outside lights and talk about how well Lyndsey did passing out treats.

Kay Hively writes a weekly column for the Daily News.