With the overwhelming student debt burden in the US, students and parents alike are wondering: Is college really worth it?

Depending on your life stage, go ahead and plug in "med school," "grad school," or "technical school" into that ball of undecided stress.

A new analysis from ebay Deals finds that when it comes to earning potential, yes, college is worth it.

By breaking down lifetime earnings for professionals with different degrees, the analysis was able to pull out how much a graduate earns by degree, by class, and even by grade. 

For instance, over their lifetime, a college grad will earn nearly $600 for every lecture they attended, about $25,000 for every C or D, and about $42,000 for every A or B.

Not every major is equal, however: Engineering and computer science majors will see greater results than students who majored in education or psych.

Want to see how you measure up? Take a look at the infographic below, and see the full methodology at deals.ebay.com.

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