There are millions of apps to choose from, but the ones on my home screen matter the most. They're the apps I use every day to get stuff done.

Here's a look at my favorite apps that I think everyone should be using every day.

Tweetbot is my favorite way to check Twitter.

There's a reason why Tweetbot has the coveted spot on the bottom right corner of my screen. It's the app I use the more than any other.

Tweetbot is my favorite way to keep up with Twitter. It's much better than the official Twitter app.

Price: $4.99 (iPhone only)

Pocket lets me save stories to read later.

I'm flooded with interesting articles and links during the work day that I rarely have time to read. 

I use an app called Pocket to save them for later. Pocket lets you install an extension in your browser. When you're looking at an article you'd like to save, you just click a button to send the article to an app on your phone. It also lets you read articles offline. Pocket is perfect for catching up on news you missed.

Price: Free for iPhone and Android

Slack is how I chat with coworkers.

The editorial staff at Business Insider wouldn't be able to survive without Slack, an app that lets you chat and collaborate with colleagues. Slack is basically an old-school chat room, but it's well designed and makes it easy to share links and documents.

Price: Free for iOS, Android, and Mac

Sunrise is my favorite alternative to the regular iPhone calendar.

Sunrise is an alternative to the calendar app that comes with your iPhone or Mac. It syncs perfectly with Google Calendar, Facebook events, and other standard calendar formats.

While Sunrise can do everything most other calendar apps can do, it stands out because of its design and ease of use.

Price: Free for iPhone, Android, and Mac

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