Just a few days before Apple is expected to reveal more information about the Apple Watch, CEO Tim Cook is providing some clues as to how its apps will work.

Cook reportedly shared this information with Apple Store employees at a flagship store in Berlin during a briefing, according to 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman.

Based on Gurman's report, here's a rundown of what Cook said:

You'll be able to check in at hotels and open your room with the watch. Starwood Hotels already announced in September that it would be working with Apple. You can order food at chains like Panera Bread from your wrist. Cook specifically mentioned that Panera Bread is currently working on a WatchKit app, according to Gurman.  Salesforce is also reportedly developing an enterprise app for the watch, but the report didn't mention any more details. Third-party fitness apps will be compatible with the Apple Watch, which isn't too surprising given Apple's focus on health and fitness. No specific apps were mentioned, however.  Finally, Gurman mentions that Apple has invited more than 100 app developers to Cupertino to design and test apps for the Apple Watch. This means Apple's event on March 9 could focus on apps and how they'll work on the wrist.

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