I understand that the majority of the American electorate don’t follow political happenings as closely as I do. I’m somewhat of a political junkie and I know that. But, I also get frustrated by the fact that way too many people don’t understand or care how political events impact almost every aspect of their lives.

And, when I say every aspect that is literally true and it seems like the government is getting even more involved in things that used to be no business at all of the government. That’s why it is so disturbing that most people don’t take a more active (or any active) in who is elected to represent their interests.

Unfortunately, even those who do take an active interest at election time will often base their selection at the voting booth on things that shouldn’t be a consideration. Way too many will say I’m voting for the person because they are fill in the blank (male, female, white, black, look good on a 30 second sound bite, I’ve heard the name somewhere but not sure where).

Do you get the point? None of those things should be a basis for voting for someone for any elected position. What matters is the character of the person and whether they agree with your agenda and your beliefs. But, most people don’t take the time or effort to actually understand just what the candidates stand for beyond what they hear or read on a slick ad prepared by an advertising company.

And, then there is the fact that the electorate seems to have a very short memory. A candidate will say one thing while campaigning and then something quite different once elected or in another setting. Sure people can change their minds on an issue but there is a big difference between an honest change of heart and not just pandering to get votes.

A prime example is playing out in the media right now with presumptive presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In 2007 she slammed the Bush administration for secrecy and for maintaining a private email account inside the White House. Now it comes to light that as Secretary of State she not only used a private email but also used a private server housed inside her private residence.

But apparently the Bush administration was wrong but it was OK when she did it because she says we need to believe her that she didn’t do anything wrong. What was really funny and ironic is that this White House administration didn’t even know that she had done this in violation of their policy.

I will readily admit that I have never been a Hillary fan and don’t agree with her agenda for this country. And, that is my prerogative – just like it is someone else’s prerogative to support her. The only thing I ask voters to do is to actually understand what candidates stand for before you put them into elected office. That’s not too much to ask of someone casting a vote.

I’ll get off my political soapbox for a minute to say thank you for everyone who has expressed words of encouragement and asked about how I’m feeling. Every day I seem to be getting a little stronger but the recovery is taking too long for my liking. Of course that might have something to do with my lack of patience which God and my wife continue to work on.

I have been blessed in the journey that I have been on with great friends and prayer warriors and a medical team that is world class. The surgeons have said that they got all the little buggers out of my body and now I’m just waiting for one more surgery and then I should be good to go.

No one but God truly knows the challenges we will meet on our journey through life and we have to understand that He has a much better life for us than we can ever plan for ourselves. Over the last year since I was diagnosed I have met so many people in my path that God has placed there to support me and my family and to help me grow.

I only hope that I can be one of those people that someone struggling can look back and say — thank you God for putting this person in my path. At the end of the day that’s what we should do — help someone who needs our support. It is amazing that when I get down it always seems that someone will contact me to lift me up at the exact moment I need support the most.

I told someone that they really knew when I needed them and they said all they did was listen when God told them to act. That is a great testimony and more of us (including me) need to listen better when God is speaking. I guarantee that if you do you will make a big difference in someone’s life.

Kevin Wilson writes a weekly column for the Daily News.