GRANBY — A East Newton High School senior has written, directed and produced a movie, which will soon be premiered at Neosho’s B&B Theatre.

GRANBY — A East Newton High School senior has written, directed and produced a movie, which will soon be premiered at Neosho’s B&B Theatre.

“Basically, a couple of summers ago, I went to a thing called ‘Summers at Mizzou,’ it was basically a crash course on making movies and everything,” said Max Sullivan, high school senior. “I really enjoyed it, I was already into movies, watching them and everything. I learned a lot. Then whenever I got back home, I kind of wanted to apply that knowledge, I started making little videos that I would show to my family and friends, they seemed to really enjoy them, but then I realized that I kind of wanted to do bigger project and do something that would apply myself. So I decided to make a movie.”

It took him about four months to writing the script for his movie, “The Last of the Guardians.”

As far as how he got his inspiration for the film’s topic, Sullivan said, “actually, I decided before I started writing I thought of all of the different locations that I had available to me. I realized that I lived in an area with a lot of fields and a lot of rundown, broken buildings. So I figured the easiest thing to do with the locations that were available would be to do an apocalypse film because where I live everything around me looks like an apocalypse.”

Sullivan lives about a half of a mile from the high school.

“I went through several drafts,” he said. “Basically, I knew that each page in a movie script equals a minute of movie time roughly and so I was trying to make it about 30 -35 pages, I wanted it to be about a 30 minute film and that ended up being pretty accurate. I went through different drafts, and I would have to go back and change entire pages, or take things out and add things. And of course some of the things that I wrote didn’t actually make it into the movie, because I had to cut some scenes out.”

After the writing was complete, he needed actors, crew and equipment to put the film together.

“I actually held auditions which I gave flyers, handed out things, invited people on Facebook and I had a whole bunch of people from my high school’s drama club,” he said. “(Also) a couple of other school’s drama club, some people who I knew from my church and a whole bunch of people actually who came and auditioned. Some of the people got the roles. Then whenever we started making the movie, I basically just directed them as much as they could, but other than that I had some really, really talented actors, that really brought the roles to life. I had two boom mics, three different cameras, the light panels, I basically got everything, because everything that I used at the camp at Mizzou, I figured I would actually need. And so I (found) some of eBay, and some stores that I knew that were online, I ordered everything that I knew that I would need. Basically just got all of the stuff.”

Then the shooting for the film began and according to Sullivan, then it went into production last summer.

“It is basically an action-apocalypse film about the protectors of the last settlement on earth. Basically, its just about their struggles to overcome the adversities that they lived through and basically trying to survive.”

The total run time is 27 minutes, with nine main actors, six extras and then seven crewmembers.

Now that it is all said and done, the public will be invited to attend the premier at 10 a.m. Saturday, March 28, at B&B Theatre in Neosho.

“We basically called the theatre and spoke to Buzz Ball, manager of the theatre,” Sullivan said. “We asked him if we could possibly show it there. He said he would have to ask his corporate (office). He got back to us a couple of days later and said that if we could do it on a Saturday, then it would be great and we would have to do it in the morning. So I chose March 28. It is free admission, but the theatre does ask that people buy concessions from them and no outside concessions are brought.”

Sullivan is pleased with the film project.

Sullivan said the movie’s rating is between a PG to PG-13, with some fighting sequences but not a single swearing word.

“I am very pleased,” he said. “There is obviously some things that I would have done differently if I were to do it again. But overall, everything actually looks even better than I would have expected in the first place. I am really actually excited as everyone else who is in the movie because it turned out to be something that I think we are really, really proud of.”

But this will not be the last film Sullivan will make.

“I am definitely wanting to go into film and be a director myself,” he said. “I am actually interested in going into a college in Florida which is all about film, cinematography. As far as the movie actually, we are planning on shooting a sequel to it – which the movie theatre has already said that they will show that one as well. We are planning on shooting that sequel this summer. I am currently writing a script for it now. I am actually almost done. I am going to be holding another series of auditions that are in the script probably in about early May.”

High school principal Scott Charlton said he watched a trailer for the upcoming film.

“A bunch of us is going to try to go on the premier day to watch the movie,” he said. “He (Sullivan) is putting on so many hats (with writing, directing, acting and production), we are very proud of what he has done. Usually when people talk about movies, they have their iPhone out, they are walking up and down the halls. This is a young man who’s has decided that he wants to make this his life’s ambition, he has purchased equipment, had his parents buying things for Christmas and he has really taken with it and ran with it. We are really proud of him.”