The Facebook page for British retail giant Marks and Spencer (similar to Target) is full of complaints after the store denied an extra tea bag to two elderly customers.

Facebook user Marie Ni Bhroin claims that her parents, ages 78 and 80, ordered tea at a branch of Marks and Spencer outside Dublin, Ireland, Mashable reports. 

"They found the tea to be very weak and asked for another tea bag," she wrote on the M&S Facebook page. "They were told they must BUY a second put, they asked for a supervisor who confirmed they must pay."

"SHAME ON YOU FOR SUCH disgusting customer service and treatment of the elderly," she continued. 

Here's Ni Bhroin's original post.

Facebook Embed:
Post by: Marie Ni Bhroin

This sparked outcry as 9,727 people "liked" the post and 1,423 commented.

It only took two hours for M&S to apologize... ... But it was too little too late. People were piling on. "Shame on you" was a popular refrain. Some shoppers had advice for the elderly couple. Another compared them to competitor Dunnes. But some people just can't drum up sympathy for the couple.

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