PINEVILLE — Have you ever wanted to ride in a monster truck or see it crush cars?

PINEVILLE — Have you ever wanted to ride in a monster truck or see it crush cars?

You’ll have the chance Friday and Saturday, when a Raminator will make a pit stop at Smith Chrysler Dodge Jeep at 92 Route OO.

Spectators will be able to attend the event from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days, with a host of activities such as climbing aboard the back of the eight-passenger monster truck, owned by Hall Brothers Racing of Illinois, for a ride. Watch the car-crush display at 3 p.m. Saturday.

Also, throughout the day, the dealership will provide bouncy houses, a dunk tank, a barbeque and a DJ. The event is free, but donations will be accepted for the McDonald County Chamber of Commerce.

A Raminator it is a big Dodge Ram truck that is 10½ feet tall, 12½ feet wide and weights almost 11,000 pounds, said Mark Hall, driver of the truck for the Hall Brothers Racing.

“They are a lot of fun. They are pretty cool. At the dealership, folks get to come and see them up close,” Hall said. “This is a real race truck, so they get the see the trucks that you see on TV. You get to see them up close and personal. Then we will do a little car crushing, too.”

Attendees will have a chance to see what it’s like to ride in a monster truck.

“You can ride in the back,” he said. “It has race car seats in the bed of the truck, you get buckled in, we give you a little ride around the lot, or if they have a grassy area, we will go for a spin in there.

“(We) don’t get too carried away. It just kind of simulates what you would be like in real racing truck. It is a lot of fun. It is kind of like a ride at the fair or something.”
Hall will drive for the car crush. As far as how many cars will be crushed, he said it will depend.

“Somewhere from two to I have done 15 cars out there. It just depends on how much they round up there at the dealership,” he said. “We will do at least two of them.”

The truck also is unique and is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the record holder for the fastest speed for a monster truck, hitting 99.1 mph in December on a Formula 1 track in Austin, Texas.

“We are pretty excited about that,” he said. “Monster trucks don’t usually do things like that, but we thought we would give it a whirl and see how fast we could run. … I wanted (to hit) the century mark real bad, and when we tested, we ran at 104 mph, but we got down there (and) it was a little bit of a shorter course.”

Spectators are encouraged to bring cameras for the festivities.

“I have got the best job in the world,” Hall said. “When you are stuck in a traffic jam or you are driving around a mall (and) you can’t find a place to park, who has not fantasized about driving a monster truck? You can park it anywhere you want, you can go anywhere you want, and I get to do that.”

Hall said the event will be of interest to all kinds of people.

“If you are a gear head like me, you want to see how they are built, the parts that they use and that sort of thing,” he said. “Then for the kids, it is nothing like a big toy to them. If you are not into it, you just look and say, ‘Good grief, look at the size of the tires on that thing.’

“I think that they appeal to everybody, and everybody can’t help but look at them and check it out.”