A Seneca-area home was burglarized and vandalized while the resident was out of town for a couple of months.

A Seneca-area home was burglarized and vandalized while the resident was out of town for a couple of months.
The resident returned home after a neighbor advised her of a burglary last Sunday, though he did not call authorities. She went to the home in the 3100 block of Old Highway 60 on Wednesday evening accompanied by a Newton County sheriff’s deputy.
The neighbor advised he had seen a two-tone Ford Ranger and several subjects with flashlight around the home and reported that he had seen activity there a couple of times in January, but never called the sheriff’s department.
They first entered the garage, where items were tossed on the floor and a lawnmower was missing. The house’s contents were ransacked with furniture tipped over, drawers and cabinets opened and emptied, and food and other items scattered on floors.
All of the TVs, the washer, the dryer, the water heater, four weapons and her jewelry were missing. With the mess left behind, the victim stated she needed time to determine what else is gone.
No smokers live in the house, which had several filled ashtrays, as people apparently spent time in the home. The deputy also located a used syringe and other items associated with drug activity. Cigarette butts and other items were sent to the crime lab for DNA testing.
In other reports:
• A Neosho-area woman thwarted a burglary early Thursday at her home in the 7100 block of Norway Road. She summoned deputies at 12:09 a.m. after hearing noises and observing a white male on her front porch and another standing behind her car.
She reported the man on the porch tried to shoulder open the front door. Then she heard two others talking about breaking into the rear of the residence before a rock crashed into a window.
She hit a panic button that sounded an audio alarm as the men ran off. She noted that she did not see or hear a vehicle and surmised they fled on foot.
• Two Joplin teens were arrested for drug violations after an early Thursday morning traffic stop.
A deputy was dispatched to a report of a careless and imprudent driver on Missouri Highway 43 headed toward Seneca. The deputy reported the vehicle pulled off on a side road and headed back north. As it approached him at 43 and Coyote Drive, the vehicle went into the deputy’s lane, causing him to veer off the roadway.
After turning around and initiating a traffic stop, the deputy smelled marijuana as he approached the vehicle and reported the eyes of the driver, Tyler Loren Davids, 17, were extremely red and glassy, and he was extremely disoriented. Passenger Jacob William Freed, 17, also was reported to be very disoriented, as both giggled intensely as he tried to question them.
The deputy seized a water marijuana pipe, a glass marijuana pipe and a plastic soda bottle with a stem and marijuana bowl attached, all with residue. As he patted down Davids, he found an e-cigarette with a heavy smell of marijuana and seized a hollow rubber ball that contained THC oil. THC is the active agent in marijuana that causes a high.
Davids is charged with driving while intoxicated-drug intoxication, while Freed is charged with unlawful use of drug paraphernalia. Items were sent to a crime lab for analysis. Additional charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia are pending review by the Newton County Prosecutor’s Office.
• Another scam on Craigslist is targeting those hoping to rent a home. A woman reported to the sheriff’s department Tuesday that she found a rental home on Stratford Place near Neosho through the online shopping service that is offered by Charles Burt Realtors. Through Craigslist, she communicated via email with a Nathan Brown, who asked for and received a variety of personal information, including her Social Security number, for an application for the rental property.
She reported becoming suspicious and contacted Charles Burt, who advised her that this is a scam. The Realtor reported that several people have contacted him about the Craigslist scam.
• Paul Daniel Holden, 19, of Joplin was cited early Thursday for negligent burning for starting an outside fire during a countywide imposed burn ban.
A deputy responded at 1:37 a.m. to a residence in the 3700 block of Wind Cliff Road, where he reported a large area of brush had burned. Holden responded that he thought the burn ban was lifted due to rain that had fallen the night before.
County commissioners imposed a burn ban for a second time this month Feb. 16 because of extremely dry conditions, a ban that remains in effect until further notice.