The City of Neosho’s Hickory Creek RV Park will be closed to the public from June 12 through July 1.
City manager Troy Royer made the announcement at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

The City of Neosho’s Hickory Creek RV Park will be closed to the public from June 12 through July 1.
City manager Troy Royer made the announcement at Tuesday’s city council meeting.
“We’re going to accommodate the historic work that is coming in to re-do the (George Washington) Carver schoolhouse over there on Young Street,” Royer said. “It’s a group of people that come from all across the United States that donate their time – use their vacation to come here – they don’t charge anything, it’s all volunteer labor.”
The Carver Birthplace Association raised about $35,000 to do the rehab and return the old schoolhouse to what it looked like originally.
“Of course it’s got vinyl siding and all that kind of stuff – and they’re going to bring it back to what it actually was when Carver went to school there,” Royer said.
Local organizations will donate meals to feed the volunteers as they cycle through, and Royer said city administration agreed to allow the volunteers to use the RV park.
Volunteers will rotate into town each week over that three-week period, and Royer said the park is being closed to accommodate the generous volunteers.

“We want their stay to be as pleasant as possible since they are here volunteering their time, and some of them are coming from as far as California and Colorado to come here and work on this project,” he said.
“There will be a banner out there welcoming them to town for helping the Carver Birthplace (Association) do the project,” he said. “We are going to keep the riff-raff out of there to make their stay as enjoyable as possible.”

The Denver-based organization HistoriCorps does historic restoration projects across the U.S., run mainly by volunteers, and they recruit local volunteers to join the effort.

A release from the organization encourages volunteers to sign up for a week at a time to restore the building - they receive all training onsite, and even have campgrounds provided if they'd like to camp out with others.

Church groups, community groups, employee groups, or just individuals are all welcome to come spend a day or a week helping to preserve a Neosho landmark. Volunteers of all ages and experience are encouraged to register at:

Other council action
Council approved one bid to allow needed repairs at the wastewater treatment plant.

After earlier approving the acquisition of one replacement rotor gearbox, the bid of $34,072.11 from D&S Erectors of Seneca was approved to acquire the other three needed rotor gearboxes to replace the current obsolete equipment.

An upright self-serve fuel pump no longer in use at the Hugh Robinson Memorial Airport was declared as surplus property on first reading of a bill and will be disposed of at a future city auction upon second and third reading approval.

First reading approval was also given to a bill to amend the current fiscal year budget in a number of departments that finance director Daphne Pevahouse instructed are adjustments to reflect changes since the budget was drafted.

Also on first reading, a bill was approved to vacate a road easement on Sherry Drive. A portion of right of way was vacated there a year ago in an effort to correct a situation where development services director Dana Daniel said the street was not constructed exactly as it had been platted. That easement in Oak Hill Estates serves no purpose for the city, Daniel assured.    

Council approved the police mutual aid agreement with Joplin that Chief David Kennedy noted is just an update that reflects changes of the chiefs of each department since the previous agreement was approved.