Bombs resulting in immeasurable pain and human suffering remain the topic of much discussion.

Bombs resulting in immeasurable pain and human suffering remain the topic of much discussion.
Among the most dangerous of bombs is the one that explodes unexpectedly, as in Iraq or Afghanistan, where scores of U.S. soldiers and innocent civilians have been killed or maimed by the devastating effects of an IED (Improvised Explosive Device).
Potentially more injurious, however, is the hidden bomb lying in wait within each of us; one that is ready to explode once triggered by strong, negative emotion.
As a pressure cooker rigged to explode, there comes a time when people surpass the boiling point, adding a volatile mixture of rage, envy, or hopelessness to the unrelenting stresses of life until detonation occurs.
At first, people don’t see the potential for such an explosion. It’s as when a person is cruising innocently down the highway, only to see red and blue lights flashing in the rearview mirror.
     The routine drive suddenly turns tense. The heart starts beating, faster and faster, as the patrolman pulls the person over, gets out of his car, and steps up to the driver’s side window. The imagination runs wild with reasons for the officer choosing to act as he did, causing the heart to race even faster.
Often, if the stopped driver is wanted for a pervious offense, the scene erupts into violence as either a scuffle ensues or the motorist suddenly takes off.
A similar incident happened in the garden of Gethsemane, when a contingent of soldiers and temple guards came to arrest Jesus.
Peter, recently awakened, quickly drew his sword and attacked a servant of the high priest.
He already felt the pressure of entrenched Roman occupation and the Jew’s unabated efforts to silence his Lord. Peter’s emotions had been simmering for some time, and finally he’d had enough. His reaction, therefore, proved quick and devastating to the man whose ear he angrily cut off.
It also proved devastating to Peter as Jesus strongly rebuked him.
This type of an eruption has ruined lives and relationships throughout history, and kept people from achieving their worthwhile goals. The key, then, is to prevent these kinds of outbursts from happening in the first place.
Whatever your troubles, remember this: Because God knows precisely what makes you tick, He can disarm the bomb about to go off in your life. He can disarm it with the same authority Jesus used to calm the tumultuous storm at sea. It starts by calling on Him to do so. 

Mark Edmondson writes a column for the Neosho Daily News.