A hot pursuit through two states resulted in the arrests of two people implicated in the early-morning Friday armed robbery of a woman near her Seneca-area home on Gum Road.

A hot pursuit through two states resulted in the arrests of two people implicated in the early-morning Friday armed robbery of a woman near her Seneca-area home on Gum Road.
The Newton County Sheriff’s Department expects the arrest of one more person involved in that crime.
The woman reported the robbery at 6:42 a.m. after she stopped near her home to help a motorist seemingly in distress. Instead, a man pulled a gun on her and robbed her of her purse and cell phone.
“We had a vehicle description of a silver PT Cruiser, and Joplin also had an armed robbery with the same kind of vehicle,” Chief Deputy Chris Jennings said. “Last (Tuesday) night in Greenwood, one of my deputies was at the scene of a possible burglary. He was investigating that when this PT Cruiser pulls up to the house. He realized it was probably the suspect vehicle in our armed robbery. They run, so he gives pursuit, chases all over Greenwood and goes into Kansas. They drive around Galena.”
The Cherokee County (Kan.) Sheriff’s Department was contacted to provide backup for the Newton County deputy, he said. The vehicle finally stopped outside of Galena as both occupants fled on foot, leaving a 4-year-old child in the car.
“The deputy, believe it or not, manages to get both of them in custody,” Jennings said. “The female was in possession of a BB gun that looks like a real Berretta pistol.”
Cherokee County deputies arrived. The man and the woman were interviewed. Detectives from both agencies served a search warrant on the suspects’ 3197 S.E. 110th St., lot 6, home in Galena.
“The female was in possession of the victim’s purse in the car,” Jennings said. “On the search warrant, we actually managed to find more of the victim’s property in their house.”
Brian S. Adams, 22, and Natalie S. Breedlove, 21, both of that residence, each are charged in Kansas on counts of possession of methamphetamine and possession of stolen property, Jennings said. Adams faces a Newton County charge of first-degree robbery, while Breedlove is charged with receiving stolen property.
“I don’t think at this time that she participated in the robbery,” he said. “That’s why she is just charged with receiving.
“We do have the possible name of a second suspect that was involved in the robbery, and we are pursuing that now. We know there were two guys in the car. We have a good idea who it is.”
That suspect is from Missouri, Jennings said.
Joplin police were notified of the arrests, Jennings said, and are investigating whether the subjects were involved in the armed robbery reported there a couple of days prior to the Newton County case in which a silver PT Cruiser with white males were involved.
Regarding Tuesday’s burglary, after the deputy took off in pursuit of the PT Cruiser, another deputy was dispatched to investigate in the 3900 block of Rose Lane. The resident had been in the hospital and received a call about the burglary in her home and reported that at about midnight.
A neighbor reported that a 36-year-old Joplin man who the resident said was not supposed to be there had left the residence two minutes prior to the first deputy’s arrival. The deputy noted a candle burning in the home and a dog that belongs to the man in the home.
The resident arrived to take inventory and noted that $2,500 of assorted gold jewelry, two TVs valued at $974 and seven narcotic prescriptions, including Zanex and oxycodone, had been stolen, as well as damage to two bedroom doors, broken glass in a curio and a broken kitchen night light.
The suspect had not been located as of Wednesday.
In other sheriff’s reports:
• A 10-year-old boy was taken into protective state custody as charges are pending against the parents for endangering the welfare of a child. A deputy responded at 10 a.m. Tuesday after being advised the boy lived in an extremely disheveled home in the 800 block of Riverside Drive in Neosho and that a registered sex offender lived there.
He noted that every room in the home was in extreme disarray. In the kitchen, the deputy reported rotten food on the stove, kitchen counters, in pots and pans and in the sink. He found mice feces and two dead mice on a kitchen counter. The kitchen sink was unusable because of so many dirty items in it.
The child’s bedroom was piled with debris trash and clothing. Though he had a double or a queen-size bed, only a small portion of it was available to lay on because it was covered with debris, trash and clothes.
The sex offender stated he was on the registry because of a conviction for molesting an 11-year-old child.
• Lewis W. Hall, 54 of Joplin was arrested Saturday night and charged with harassment. Deputies responded at 9:12 a.m. after a man reported he had to drive around Hall’s vehicle, which was stopped in the middle of the 5800 block of Douglas Fir Road near Hall’s home as he was headed to Love’s Travel Stop to eat.
Hall followed the complainant to Love’s, pointed his vehicle at the business and kept flashing lights. He told deputies he has had multiple incidents with Hall, who would shine a spotlight in his eyes as he drove by.
Another deputy drove by the residence, and Hall shined a spotlight in his eyes. The first deputy went to Hall’s home, where he stated that he parks in the middle of the road to shine a light into field “because people are out to get me.”
The deputy contacted dispatch, which provided 19 pages of incidents involving Hall and his neighbors or passersby who reported numerous complaints of Hall stopping his vehicle in the road, screaming at people as they drove around him and shining a spotlight into the eyes of drivers. Neighbors also complained of him using a backhoe late at night and shooting firearms at any time.
• A resident in the 6500 block of Old Highway 71 near Diamond summoned deputies at 7:05 p.m. Sunday after discovering the lock had been broken off a shed. The resident reported the loss of a new riding lawnmower valued at $2,500, a $189 push mower and a refrigerator/freezer valued at $300.
• Jeffrey Edward Fisher, 52, was cited for negligent burning after deputies responded at 7:24 p.m. Sunday to his home in the 17500 block of Shetland Road near Granby while the countywide burn ban was in effect.
The Midway Fire Department was battling an approximate 2-acre fire as the deputy arrived. Fisher reported he placed trash in a barrel to burn between 3:30 and 4 p.m. and went inside. He noticed his field was on fire at about 7:20 and called the fire department.
The countywide burn ban was lifted Tuesday after the first substantial rain in the area in more than a month.