A Neosho couple will be on today and Thursday’s Dr. Phil Show, after finding out that someone had ‘cyber hijacked’ their twin daughters.

A Neosho couple will be on today and Thursday’s Dr. Phil Show, after finding out that someone had ‘cyber hijacked’ their twin daughters.
“We have been victims of a four-year long stalking escapade by a stranger over our twin daughters,” said April Willis of Neosho. “This has opened my eyes to the importance of locking down and securing your social media accounts to protect your children.”
Right after April and her husband, Nathan, had their daughters, Sophia and Vivienne, April started a “fake” Facebook page.
“Because I wanted to join a bunch of like moms of multiple pages on Facebook to learn how to take care of twins, how to breastfeed them and just how to normalize my life with multiples, but I didn’t want my regular name being out there with hundreds of thousands of women in these pages,” she said.
“I started that page back then, joined these groups and I was in it for a good year, learned how to take care of them, everything went great,” April said. “When the twins turned 1, a little bit after they turned 1-year old, I got a message on that fake Facebook page from another mom and she said, ‘this may be a long shot, I am not for sure, but she said, I came across a blog on the Internet and when I came across this blog I am almost positive that someone has stolen all of your twins photos,’” she said.
The informant said the postings read like the twins belonged to the other person, April said.
“So that lady gave me a link to a blog back in 2013, I clicked on that blog and that is when I saw that all of my twins’ photos like all of their delivery room photos, the photos after they were born, everything was on this blog site,” April said.
That was the first indication she had her twins had been cyber-hijacked.
“I got a detective involved back then and got the blog shut down,” April said.
“The lady had three Facebook pages back then and I got all three of those shut down in 2013,” she said.
April quit using the social media page and assumed the case was closed and only a chapter out of her past.
“But in fact she had continued to stalk our family for four years, when I heard that something was still going on was April 1 of this year,” she said. Willis had never met the woman who had become intertwined with her life and that of her twins.

Dr. Phil Show
After contacting the Neosho Police Department, April opted to contact the Dr. Phil Show by way of their website.
She said that there was a topic on there that said, “Do you have a story that Dr. Phil would not believe?”
“So I clicked on that link and you can only put it in 250 words or less, I am very wordy and descriptive person, there is no way that I am going to this, I submitted where they could understand the depth of this,” said April. “I sent it and after that I got an email that said, ‘thank you so much for your submission, but we get tens of thousands of emails and we are not able to go through all of them, but we appreciate your concern and reaching out to us and blah, blah, blah…’”
April assumed she would not hear back from the show’s representatives. April’s family went out to dinner that evening, leaving her phone at the house. Three to four hours later, they came back.
“My phone had some new emails on it. And I looked at it and it was a producer from Dr. Phil show,” she said. “’He said, I need you to basically contact me ASAP, we are filming the last of our season 14 right now, your story is like I really want to hear something more about.’”
April called him back and within one week from her initially contacting the show the family was on a plane to Los Angles.
Now after filming the show, viewers will be able to watch the two-part series of Dr. Phil Show – which airs at 3 p.m. on CBS.
According to the show’s website about the episode, “April claims she is even afraid Ashley’s (the women who is) alleged fixation on her daughters might drive her to actually kidnap them one day! However, Ashley denies April’s claims and says she doesn’t even know her.”

Protecting family
“The digital world is so scary and I actually thought about just getting rid of social media all together after this thing happened, yet then you just get irritated because you hate that one person that can take your joy away,” said April. “I love to share things about my kids, my grandmother is 90 years old, she is on Facebook and if I don’t post something for two days, she’s messaging me like ‘is everything OK?’”
April said she now has an entirely different perspective on how she posts things on social media.
“I have blocked this person (Ashley) from my Facebook page, but anyone can just go and open up another Facebook account,” she said.
April also said they have also placed watermarks on their photos on Facebook, installed a home security system and have taken other precautions.
“It has changed our way of life for sure,” said April. “Because you just can’t be too careful when it is with your children. It is crazy.”
Millions of television viewers will have an opportunity to hear the story.
“This particular lady has literally followed my twins and my life since February 2012 up until April 2016,” April said. “Now she is going to be exposed on national TV.”