A couple of years ago, David Watson was on the transplant list for a new kidney and liver.

A couple of years ago, David Watson was on the transplant list for a new kidney and liver.
On Saturday, he organized the first Hotrods & BBQ Blues Festival in downtown Neosho, with various events.
“(This festival) it is for the awareness of liver and kidney transplant,” he said. “We want people to sign on the back of the (driver’s) license or check the mark to be a donor. Because most people that need liver or kidney or heart, or whatever, have to wait on list so long that most of them don’t make it. There are so many that could be donors.”
The festivities were held from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and included various vendors, barbecue and 12 bands playing blues.
“I have been a musician all of my life, 45 years, I am 61, I played all over the country with different bands, I know a lot of musicians,” said Watson. “I asked them to come out and they said they would. Some of the bands are solo and duo artists. I just thought maybe if we could get a group together, have some vendors out here, that we could have a good little festival out here.”
With Watson’s kidney and liver, he said, “My liver actually failed, it took my kidneys down, because I was on the list so long that I had to have both done.”
Watson didn’t have a particular monetary goal in mind.
“If we could do $1,000 that would be excellent,” he said. “Everything helps.”
It will go to Midwest Transplant Network of Kansas City.
“I had my transplant there at the University of Kansas City hospital. If this (festival) is a success, I will (have more festivals). But we are just going to do one at a time right now.”
Useful info
• Everyone can be a potential donor regardless of age, race or medical history.
• All major religions support organ, eye and tissue donation.
• A commitment to donation never interferes with medical care.
“One check mark – it says it on the back of your licenses – if you want to be a donor,” said Watson. “If it is not checked, they presume that you are not a donor.”