Five proclamations were issued on behalf of the city by Mayor Ben Baker at Tuesday's regular meeting of the Neosho City Council.

Five proclamations were issued on behalf of the city by Mayor Ben Baker at Tuesday's regular meeting of the Neosho City Council.  
Leah's Borrowed Table, located at 127 East Main Street in Neosho, was named the June Business/Employer of the month. The remaining proclamations extended both recognition and thanks to several organizations for their service during recent weather events.
"Words cannot express the difference they have made in our recent trying times, during the recent flooding and the tornado," Baker said, about those honored by proclamation. "It makes all the difference who will go above and beyond, even beyond what their job descriptions say."
The Neosho Fire Department, Neosho Police Department, Public Works department, Alliance, and the Neosho Police Department were all honored and received a certificate of recognition for their service.
A letter commending Sergeant Mike Whitehead, Neosho Police Department, was received from local citizen Norine Barnes.  Barnes was involved in a recent traffic accident and wanted to express her appreciation for the assistance the officer provided so she sent a letter.  "I think it's good to recognize when people are encouraged because it's often rare," Baker said. ""Lately, we have heard more words of encouragement and it helps."

In other business, the council approved a contract with Skydive Airtight for sky diving performances during the upcoming Celebrate Neosho event on June 24.  Paul Richardson, Neosho Public Relations/Events Coordinator, noted Skydive Airtight will perform exhibition jumps and offer tandem jumps throughout the day.  The cost was within budget and the contract was unanimously approved.

Neosho Fire Chief Mike Eads appeared before the council to request approval for the annual fireworks display at Medicalodge of Neosho.  "On behalf of Medicalodges, I was asked to present this to council.  It is their annual event and open to the public. We just need the council's blessing to approve it so we can get the fireworks license" The council approved the request for Riverside Fireworks to provide the display on June 30 at Medicalodge of Neosho, 400 Lyon Drive.

An amended bill to complete the paving project at the Neosho airport was also approved by council members

Neosho Golf Course Superintendent Bill Mulkey presented a report on the golf course water usage.  He stated that the golf course will stop irrigating places that are not necessary and will turn off many of the sprinkler systems to conserve.  Councilman Richard Davidson commented. "Because of state regulations and Missouri DNR (Department of Natural Resources). it's a $40,000 increase for taxpayers to put water on the golf course."

"It's wise to conserve where possible," Mayor Ben Baker said.
Baker also noted there remain some vacancies on various boards and committees for the city and urges anyone interested to consider serving. We would love for citizens to step up and be part of something in the community," he said.

The Neosho City Council will meet again in regular session at 7 p.m. on June 20 in council chambers at City Hall, southeast corner of the Neosho Square.