A Neosho youth, Collier Hendricks, is currently attending the Junior National Leadership Conference in Washington D.C.

A Neosho youth, Collier Hendricks, is currently attending the Junior National Leadership Conference in Washington D.C.  
Hendricks, who will be a sixth grade at Neosho Middle School next year, was nominated to attend by his teacher, Lacee Wald.  
"Collier is an exceptional student that exhibits strong leadership skills and the willingness and drive to succeed. I chose him based on the character he portrays on a daily basis," Wald said.  "His actions were kind and supportive for every learner in my class. He is quick to help his classmates and listens to their ideas. At this young age, he already has the character traits and qualities that can be found in a great leader. I cannot wait to see what his future holds."
"I feel blessed and thankful to Ms. Wald for nominating me," Hendricks said. "I hope to gain leadership skills that I can use to better myself in the future."
The six day event includes workshops and simulations designed to increase leadership abilities. Students will visit a variety of historical sites, national monuments, and significant places in Washington D.C. and the surrounding area. The Junior National Youth Leadership Conference is an Envision program for outstanding middle school students from across the nation. The program  provides a historical view of leadership and encourages young scholars to develop their own leadership skills and strategies for the 21st century."
"The Junior National Youth Leadership Conference enables students to recognize their own leadership abilities in the context of great men and woman, past and present," Andrew Potter, Chief Academic Officer for Envision, said. "Washington D.C. serves as the perfect backdrop for this inspiring program to generate a new generation of U.S. leaders."
"I'm excited to see Washington D.C. and I'm really excited to meet new people from around the country," Hendricks said.  
He's most excited about visiting the Lincoln Memorial and having a sleepover in the Maryland Science Center.  
Hendricks is a member of the Creative Intelligence Agency (CIA), a gifted program at Neosho Middle School.  He is also active as a member of the CIA Math competition team and is a honor roll student. His favorite subjects are math and science. Hendricks also enjoys playing baseball and basketball.
Hendricks raised much of the  money for his tuition through fundraising efforts.
"I'd like to thank everyone who helped me reach my goal to attending this event. I sold pops during the City Wide garage sale and then Fausett's Greenhouse helped me do a Mother's Day flower basket fund raiser. Thanks to anyone who bought things from me, every little bit helped," Collier said.
Collier Hendricks is the son of Mark and Alissa Hendricks, Neosho.  He is the grandson of Cindy Camerer, Neosho, Gary Hendricks, Neosho, and Tommy Todd, Key West, Fla.