DIAMOND — One of the most fun and exciting events in the area is coming to the George Washington Carver National Monument.

DIAMOND — One of the most fun and exciting events in the area is coming to the George Washington Carver  National Monument.
Prairie Day will be celebrated from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. on Sept. 9. This event features something for everyone, regardless of age, interest and ability. Celebrating early life on the prairie, this special day has demonstrations of such activities as storytelling, nature exhibits, candle making, quilting, woodworking, Dutch-oven cooking, basket weaving, washboard laundry, butter churning, music, and one of the most popular events on the grounds: rides across the prairie in horse-drawn wagons.
Denise Jessen, a regular volunteer at the monument, has worked the wagon rides for several years. She says the wagon rides are great fun for everyone.
"It fun for us to see everyone so excited about going on a ride. And it's exciting to see the people when they get back. They all talk about what they saw or heard," said Jessen.
Jessen complimented the drivers of the wagons for their care and concern. She said, they loved showing off their horses and wagons.
Each wagon also has a storyteller on board who talks about the prairie, the history of the Carver farm or about George Washington Carver.
"Although everyone loves the ride, I think the older people like it best because it brings back memories of being on a farm and being around horses," Jessen said. "The little kids really enjoy the horses, also."
The wagon rides are so popular that there is usually a waiting line. Volunteer Phyllis Chancellor keeps track of the riders, and Jessen "loads the wagon."
"The only bad thing is that so many want to take the 20-minute ride that they run out of time before everyone can go," Jessen said. "It's very disappointing for everyone."
Kids are especially invited to the junior ranger station which will be set up for kids to earn ranger badges and to meet other kids who are doing the same things.
All events at Prairie Days are free of charge and the George Washington Carver Monument will be open for people to tour the museum.