It's fall and change is in the air! Neosho area Missouri Gas Energy (MGE) customers may have noticed a few recent changes around town as the company becomes part of Spire.

It's fall and change is in the air! Neosho area Missouri Gas Energy (MGE) customers may have noticed a few recent changes around town as the company becomes part of Spire.
By the end of September, the transition from MGE to Spire, formerly Laclede Gas, will be complete. An insert informing customers of the change was included with recent billing statements.
Company public relations director Bill Patterson said, "We’re reaching out to inform the public that the same dedicated team they’ve known and trusted for more than 150 years hasn’t changed, but our uniforms and trucks will. Our new name reflects our renewed commitment to service, savings and support."
"The new name also means a commitment to even better savings, service and support for customers,” Patterson said. "As a bigger company,  Spire can manage costs more efficiently to keep customer bills as low as possible. New technology and options like a mobile-friendly website make it easier for customers to get in touch and manage accounts on the go. Charitable giving and volunteer initiatives from Spire and its employees support hundreds of activities that make a difference in people’s lives."
The initial changes will be evident.
"Our bills will look different," Mike Fornelli, Regional Manager for the Southwest Area in Missouri, said. "Our vehicles will be different and our employees will have updated uniforms as of Sept. 25. The Neosho (area) vehicles will be visible and they'll know who  we are!"
Orange and white are the Spire colors. Customers will see that color scheme reflected in the billing, the service vehicles, uniforms and signage.
With a history dating back to the founding of Laclede Gas Light Company in 1857, Spire is committed toward serving customers in the future. "We're committed to grow and do different things. We're coming up with a mobile friendly website and a Smart Phone app. We will continue to make it better," Fornelli said.
The new website is expected to go live by the end of September. Customers who have the Budget Billing plan to pay the same amount each month with MGE will continue to be able to continue to do so with Spire. Local pay stations will remain the same at Family Market and at Price Cutter. Customers may still continue to pay by mail, have auto billing, or pay their bill online.
Spire now serves more than 1.7 million customers in Missouri, Mississippi, and Alabama after recent acquisitions added customers from Laclede Gas, MGE, Mobile Gas, Alagasco, and Willmut Gas into the Spire family. 3,300 dedicated employees also serve Spire customers.
Spire also supports Missouri communities through several programs. Dollar Help assists those who have difficulty paying their heating bills during the winter months through the Spire Foundation. Each Spire bill has a red box that can be checked to participate and help neighbors stay warm. The Spire Foundation funds heating grants across the state.
In addition, Spire Serves fulfills the company's promise to answer every challenge, advance every community, and enrich every life. Spire Serves is part of the company's social responsibility platform.
Spire is a company built on the promise to get the job done and get it done right. They are proud to deliver safe and reliable energy each and every day to their customers. Spire also is committed to supporting the nation's sustainable energy future.
For more information about Spire, visit their website at