In 1970, Neosho High School was located at the same address on Neosho Boulevard, but over the years, the campus and the building have both expanded.

In 1970, Neosho High School was located at the same address on Neosho Boulevard, but over the years, the campus and the building have both expanded.
The latest addition to the high school was the inspiration of Pat Mabrey, a 1970 graduate of NHS, but it wouldn't have come together without a little help from his friends and fellow classmates.  The alumni patio was dedicated in a brief ceremony that included a ribbon cutting on Friday at high school.
"I attended a basketball game here last winter and afterward, I noticed students outside who didn't have a place, a safe place to wait for a ride," Mabrey said. "So, I called the school district the next day and got things started."
Mabrey and former classmate Wayne Rowe, spearheaded the project but they had help from members from the Class of 1970 and more help from a few members from the NHS Class of 1972.
The concrete patio includes benches and planters and boasts a granite "N" for Neosho in the center.
"This is actually our class's second project," Mabrey said before the dedication ceremony. "We did a project last year where we restored the (original) Wildcat (emblem) to the high school gym floor. Our class is planning to do a project a year at least until our 50th class reunion."
That reunion will take place in 2020.
Neosho Superindenent of Schools Dan Decker spoke prior to the ribbon cutting and said, "It's a great privelege to be able to share this (event) today. Thank you to all of you who made this possible and spent time.  I know there were also groups who sanded benches and painted things."
Both the Class of 1970 and 1972 spent a portion of the past week sanding and repainting the historic senior class benches at the high school.  They also did some repainting at Bob Anderson Stadium.
"I thank you for your time, talent, and treasure," Decker said. "And thank you for your investment in Neosho. We appreciate you more than you know."
Decker introduced Neosho Board of Education president Steve Douglas who also said a few words.
"What a great day to be a Wildcat," he said. "On behalf of the Board of Education, I want to thank you all for being here. Kim Wood and Brett Day (school board members) are also here. I want to tell you personally what an inspiration you have been. One of the neatest things for me is that right now, three members of the school board including myself are graduates of the Class of 1987. We take a lot of pride in our class giving back to the community."
"You all have inspired us and we're going to challenge our class next year to join you in whatever project comes forth. We appreciate you and we'll work with you when we can."
Mabrey and Rowe were presented with pieces of the original gym floor in honor of their efforts in restoring the Wildcat emblem at center court.
The alumni patio is located outside the atrium at the north end of Neosho High School adjacent to Hill Street. As a gift from alumni to today's students, it will stand for decades as both a safe seating area and a lesson about giving back to school and community.