GRANBY — East Newton High School's DECA is sponsoring a 50th Alumni Flag Football Game on Nov. 11 at the Don Johnston Stadium. They are celebrating 50 years of East Newton R-6 football.

GRANBY — East Newton High School's DECA  is sponsoring a 50th Alumni Flag Football Game on Nov. 11 at the Don Johnston Stadium. They are celebrating 50 years of East Newton R-6 football.
The Daily News recently caught up with East Newton High School's DECA advisor Denise Stafford about the upcoming event.

NDN: What is the main purpose of the event?
Stafford: This is a fundraiser for East Newton DECA to help pay for state and international competition costs (help to fund DECA state and international competitions in Kansas City and Atlanta, Georgia).  2.  We are also wanting this event to improve our sense of “community” in the EN School District.  3. Is part of our DECA “Learn and Earn” Project.
Stafford said anyone is invited, but the main target audience is East Newton Alumni and their families from the past 50 years since EN has been East Newton R-6 School District.

NDN: What will      transpire that day?
Stafford: The event will start at 2 p.m.  Flag Football Game with players as EN Alumni football players, cheerleaders will be alumni cheerleaders, concessions will be sold, new (old) yearbooks that are from the previous several years will be available for purchase, commemorative T-shirts especially designed for the 50 Years of EN Football, former coaches are invited to attend and be down on the field with the players, alumni will sing the National Anthem, be the referees,  and this year’s football boys will be helping to run chains, etc.  We will recognize all past players, cheerleaders, and homecoming queens in attendance.  First principal, Don Johnston (whom the Don Johnston Stadium is named) and former coach Larry Bunn will be the guests of honor.  We will also honor our past students that are veterans on that day that are there playing or in attendance.

NDN: Why did you opt to do this event.
Stafford: It seems like such a fun and creative way to earn money to help our DECA students be able to attend state and international competitions and since it is our schools’ 50th year of EN R6 Football, what better way to celebrate that milestone!  Once we decided on this event, it has just snowballed into an all community event.

NDN: How many people do you plan on attending and playing the football game. 
Stafford: The game will have 8-11 players on each team.  I am hoping to have enough sign up to play that we can have two games.   Attendance is hard to guess, but with the right advertising and marketing (which is what DECA is all about) we are hoping for a minimum of 200 guests.

NDN: hHw unique is this?
Stafford: I think other schools in our area have had alumni football games, but East Newton only has that first 50 years ONCE.  I think it being on Veterans Day is especially unique.  Since we are the East Newton “Patriots”, this is the perfect day to come together as a community, say the pledge of allegiance, stand and salute our flag during the National Anthem, and play one of America’s favorite sports…FOOTBALL!

NDN:How pleased are you to put this on?
Stafford: We, as a DECA Chapter, are incredibly excited.  We have been reaching out to former students, coaches, principals, etc. from the past 50 years and this has helped to give our members that sense of history and really connecting them.  Feedback from our community has been so positive, and I am trying to involve as many people as possible.

NDN: Anything else, please explain>
Stafford: Any player, cheerleader, or past homecoming football queen needs to contact me to sign up at or call the high school at 417-472-6238 and talk with Mrs. Tasha Brown to sign up.  She will forward me the information.  Like our Facebook page for updated information   search  East Newton Alumni Flag Football Game and look at the Community tab for a way to signup to play, cheer, or homecoming queen signup if in attendance using SurveyMonkey link.