With less than a year until the November 2018 general elections, local and area Republicans turned out in full force for the annual Bean Feed event held Friday evening at the Neosho Middle School.

With less than a year until the November 2018 general elections, local and area Republicans turned out in full force for the annual Bean Feed event held Friday evening at the Neosho Middle School.
Those who attended enjoyed the traditional ham and bean dinner served with cornbread and dessert, which was catered by the Neosho High School Future Farmers of America (FFA).
Featured speaker for the event, David Wasinger, is one of three Republican candidates running for the sole state executive office to be decided in the November 2018 general election.
The State Auditor of Missouri is an elected official responsible for serving as the State of Missouri's chief fiscal regulator, conducting financial and performance audits for approximately 200 state agencies, boards, and commissions, and the state's judicial branch. The State Auditor also conducts audits for county and city governments lacking their own auditor or when requested by citizen petition
Wasinger, a native of Hannibal, Missouri, is both a licensed CPA (certified public accountant) and an attorney. In an interview with the Neosho Daily News, Wasinger offered insight into his campaign.
NDN: What prompted you to run for office?
WASINGER: I have two boys.  I want them to have the same opportunities growing up in Missouri that I had.
NDN: As a Missouri native, what can you bring to state government that will benefit Missouri?
WASINGER: I'm both a CPA and an attorney, I've taken on the largest fraud case in U.S. history and took on the Wall Street banks.
Wasinger is well known for his actions in filing suit against Countrywide Home Loans in 2008. Because of his case, Wall Street banks were held accountable for overcharging mortgage customers. The result led to settlements to customers.
NDN: The State Auditor's position is one of two state offices currently held by Democrats. Are you confident that Republicans will hold their majority in state office and do you believe you have a strong chance to win?
WASIGNER: We feel very strongly about our chance to win in 2018.
The current Missouri state auditor position is held by Democrat Nicole Galloway. Galloway was appointed by Governor Jay Nixon in April, 2015 to replace Republican Tom Schweich after his death. She will also appear on the 2018 ballot as a candidate for state auditor.
NDN: What is your greatest strength you will bring to the office if elected?
WASINGER: I will bring my education background, my experience and my lifelong Missouri roots. Part of the auditor's job requires knowledge of economics. Historically, the position has been held by either a CPA or an attorney. I hold both, so that is one of my strengths.
Although state auditors in recent memory have either been a CPA or an attorney, it is not a requirement of the office.
NDN: If you could say one thing today to prospective voters, what would it be?
WASINGER: We intend on cleaning up Jefferson City and looking out for the Missouri taxpayer rather than the insider and the Missouri politicians.
Wasinger is a 1985 University of Missouri graduate, a CPA  and holds a law degree from Vanderbilt University. One of his hallmarks is his passion for community service. As a CPA, Wasinger plans, if elected, to ensure that taxpayer monies are not wasted and that funds are used in the most effective, efficient way possible.
Currently there are several candidates for the state auditor's position, incumbent Democrat Nicole Galloway, Libertarian candidate Sean O'Toole, Republican Kristy Apprill, the current Jefferson County Deputy Auditor, and two other Republican contenders, Lyle Rowland and Paul Curtman. Both are current Missouri state representatives. Curtman was also present at the annual bean feed event.
Curtman is term limited in his present post and considered a run for U.S. Senate but decided to run for the state auditor's position. Curtman is a former Marine who served in both Operation Enduring Freeman and the War on Terror. Curtman's campaign statement is, "As a Marine, I learned to fight and as your State Auditor I’ll fight for sound financial principles and defend your hard earned tax-dollars from fraudulent, abusive, and wasteful government politicians and bureaucrats."
The other Missouri race to be decided next November is the U.S. Senate seat, currently held by Claire McCaskill.  McCaskill has declared her intention to run for re-election. Republicans who are also taking a run for the seat include Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, Tony Moretti, Courtland Sykes, and Austin Peterson. Moretti, Sykes, and Peterson were also at the local event on Friday.
The event was organized by Newton County Central Republican Committee Chairman, Nick Myers, who also attended the event.
Participants at the event vowed to 'keep Missouri Red' in the November 2018 general election.