The deadline to pay Newton County personal and property taxes is looming.

The deadline to pay Newton County personal and property taxes is looming.
Residents have until midnight on Dec. 31 to pay their tax bills but this year, paying on time is slightly more challenging.
"That's a difficult process this year since it (tax deadline) falls on Sunday," Newton County collector Jim Otey said.
The collector's office at the courthouse will not be open on Dec. 30 or 31 since those dates fall on a weekend in 2017.
Otey said that the office would be open for the rest of the week, through today, from 8:30 a.m. through 5 p.m. and that they will not close for lunch.
Those who wish to make payment in person need to do so by 5 p.m. today.
Another option is mailing payment but once again, this year that proves to be a bit tricky.
"The law allows us to collect and process payments without them being delinquent as long as the envelope is postmarked Dec. 31," Otey stated. "The Neosho Post office - I don't know about Joplin or any other - will be open on Saturday from 9 a.m. until noon and then they're closing. After that, they won't be there."
He urges residents who plan to mail their tax payments to do so as early as possible but no later than noon on Saturday in Neosho. Payments should be mailed to the Newton County Collector of Revenue, 101 S. Wood Street, Ste 203, P.O. Box 296, Neosho, MO 64850.
There is an online pay option as well that can be found by accessing the website at
"The problem is that requires a credit card and there's a convenience fee of 3 percent," Otey said."We don't get a cent of that money. It goes to the credit card companies. The legislature doesn't think we should have to pay for that (convenience) so it's charged to the individual using the card."
Individuals who opt to pay online have until the midnight deadline to do so but Otey suggested they make payment earlier.
"In theory, they can do it until midnight," he stated. "But I don't know exactly when it would be post. I would suggest they do so by 10 p.m. or before."
He also had another proposal.
"This is a request, not a requirement," Otey said. "But it's better if they write individual checks, one for personal property taxes, another for real estate. If there is any mistake, an unsigned check, a mistake in addition or the numbers, or if their escrow holder has already paid the real estate taxes, we can't separate the amounts. We have to send it back and if we don't receive it back by the deadline, we have to add interest and penalties. The checks must be written correctly. It's a simple way to avoid penalty or interest."
Otey indicated that they would accept one check for multiple accounts but reiterated that if there's any error or if the property tax bill has been paid by someone else, whether it's the mortgage escrow company, a family member, friend, or other benefactor, his staff won't be able to separate the amount so the personal could be delinquent.
"A lot of people don't think about taxes until the last minute," he said. "They're busy with Christmas and the holidays."
The Dec. 31 deadline is a Missouri state law.
Any payments received after Dec. 31 or that lack a Dec. 31 postmark will be considered late and thus delinquent.