A new taproom has opened on the historic Neosho Square and according to its owners, business has been great.

A new taproom has opened on the historic Neosho Square and according to its owners, business has been great.
Officially, Indian Springs Brewing Company, 109 E. Main St., Neosho, opened during the Neosho Fall Festival in October 2017, but the Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony with a packed house.
"(There are) lots of reasons (why we opened it)," said Todd Ebbinghaus, owner. "It kind of goes back to my love of baseball, going to games when we were kids. We would collect those cups (which had beer in them) after the games. Baseball being my first love, the two went together. So as I got older, going to the ballparks, smelling it when you walked in, it was neat. Then got older, I remember going on a tour out to Budweiser in Fort Collins, Colo., and watching the guy making it (beer), running the controls and dumping hops into it, I thought that was pretty cool. I thought that would be pretty neat to get paid to do that. A few years after that, we started our family, I wondered if you could make your own, figured that you could, started doing research on it, figured out that. Then started making it at home, that lead to other things and eventually the hobby kind of looked at if we could make money at it."
Ebbinghaus and his wife, Tammy, live in McNatt, which is located near what was called Indian Springs back years ago. They have been brewing for about 12 years at their home.
"As far as the name, that was kind of a given," he said. "A buddy of mine owns a lot of land and we had walked around down there looking for old footings and stuff like that. He kind of jokingly said, 'are you going to name it that (Indian Springs)' after a while, I said, 'that was not too bad.' I liked the history of it, it is pretty neat that it was (Indian Springs) was big as it was and that there is not hardly a trace of it left."
The taproom has a lot of history incorporated with it. On the walls and even on the tables and bar has newspaper clippings, old photographs associated with Indian Springs.
"We have made three that we have on tap now, but we are going to at least have eight eventually," he said.
One of the beers is named Baladan Blonde Ale.
"It is named after a settlement near where I live currently," he said. "It preceded the town of McNatt. Another beer is 'One-lane Wheat' is named after the one-lane bridge you have to go over to get to McNatt when traveling from Goodman. It goes over Bullskin Creek and is located where the town of Erie used to be."
Aside from the different types of beer, they serve some food such as pretzels, but also have food trucks come down and serve food.
Hours of operation are from 5-10 p.m. Thursday, noon to 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Phone number is 454-9498.
"Business is good, we have been steady," he said.