According to City of Neosho Public Relations and Events Coordinator Paul Richardson, Neosho is on an upward trend and so are the annual festivals sponsored by the city.

According to City of Neosho Public Relations and Events Coordinator Paul Richardson, Neosho is on an upward trend and so are the annual festivals sponsored by the city.  
The events have grown in recent years, drawing increasing numbers of visitors to Neosho.
"Our events bring people to Neosho," Richardson said. "They showcase Neosho in a positive way unique to Neosho."
But the city could use some sponsors to ensure that the events will continue to be offered.
So far, events that include the Fall Festival, Celebrate Neosho, Big Spring Bluegrass and Barbecue, and the Bluegrass Showcase have been maintained by the city hotel/motel tax, a 4 percent charge applied to hotel room costs within the Neosho City Limits. Since 2013, however, the proceeds from the tax have been steadily decreasing. If the decrease continues over a 7-year period, the funds would be depleted so Richardson states action to keep revenues up to fund the various events needs to be taken now.
His plan is to offer sponsorship opportunities to all. In 2017, sponsor solicitation came through an area television station and their sales department.
This year, Richardson is making direct contact and offering a variety of sponsorship opportunities to all. Businesses, individuals, groups and families can opt to sponsor any or all of the city's events. Prospective donors can opt for any amount they choose. According to the flyer available to the public, the open value on advertising and fireworks ranges from $5 to the sky is the limit. Donations can be in the thousands, the hundreds, or in any small increment the sponsor wishes to give.
"If you give me a twig," Richardson said. "I'll build a fire out of a pile of twigs. Or, to use an old adage, many hands make light work."
For sponsorship, sponsors will gain benefits.
"You'll get tremendous exposure at events," Richardson stated. "You'll be represented to crowds, thousands of people at Celebrate Neosho and the Fall Festival."
Although the events bring visitors to Neosho who spend money on hotel rooms, food, fuel, and many other items, Richardson believes the real value of the festivals is the fact they help children.
"All the events are for the kids," he said. “Each event helps Neosho, helps the event to grow, and helps the kids.”
He cited the many educational and fun opportunities offered at the festivals. At the annual Fall Festival, children have the chance to learn about the past at History Alley and by visiting the Newton County Historical Society Museum. There's a kid zone with inflatables for children, a pony ring, chalk art competitions, and more. Richardson is also looking at more ways to include and involve children at each of the city events, ranging from hands on type activities to kid-oriented fun.
"If you want to give back to the children and to Neosho, sponsorship is an easy way to do it," he said. "Giving back to the citizens is the core of the events. They also showcase Neosho and bring people to town."
Sponsorship this year will gain each sponsor the opportunity to have their logo and presence displayed in all marketing including the digital campaigns, flyers, print advertising, radio and television presentations, and social media. Sponsors can provide a banner that will be displayed in a prominent location such as a main stage, entrance to the event, or information booth.
Each year, the annual events continue to grow.
"We all know if you're not moving forward, you're stagnant," Richardson said.
New this year, he's designed logos for each event as branding. The logos will be used in 2018 and in the future, to create event recognition, promoting growth throughout the area.
"Positive steps are being made in bringing events in Neosho to the forefront and recognized throughout the region as the place to be," he commented.
To donate, those interested can pick up a sponsorship form at the Neosho City Hall. Checks may also be mailed and made payable to The City of Neosho, 203 E. Main St., Neosho, Mo. 64850.
Richardson asks area residents to consider a sponsorship, to keep the events going and to support the events. He used sponsoring some of the fireworks at Celebrate Neosho as an example.
"I'd rather donate some money to Celebrate Neosho than go to a stand and buy the same amount," he said. "At Celebrate Neosho, you get the big fireworks and a professional show."
No donation is too small but the positive impact on Neosho will be large.