The Neosho City Council approved two agreements during the regular meeting on Tuesday night.

The Neosho City Council approved two agreements during the regular meeting on Tuesday night.
As previously noted in an earlier Council session, the Neosho Exchange Club plans to make improvements to the Memorial located adjacent to the big flag at the intersection of Highway 60 and Business 49. The Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) has approved the improvements. A memorandum from the Exchange Club verified that the organization will be the responsible party for the planned improvements.
"We bring the memorandum tonight for council approval," interim city manager Dana Daniel stated. "If approved, it will go to the Mayor for his signature."
Councilman William Doubek informed council members that the Exchange Club wants to honor Neosho's veterans including members of the Neosho Police and Fire Departments that will include photographs.
"FYI," Doubek said. "We need photos."
Neosho Mayor Ben Baker said, "We appreciate the Exchange Club and the upkeep of the memorial. It is one of the standout of Neosho."
Public Works Director Ryan Long sought council approval to authorize engineering services from Allgeier Martin to make necessary repairs to the South Street Bridge near the roundabout in Neosho.
"During the construction of the South Street Bridge, concrete approaches were not installed due to the project cost overrun," Long told council members. "I was unable to locate a change order. The approaches serve as the transition from road surface (asphalt) to the bridge decking and are designed for strength and expanding or movement. Both east and west are failing and must be replaced or further damage will accrue. The construction cost has already doubled since the bridge was built and will only increase if not addressed. The project requires engineering and design. Funds are available in professional services and street contracts."
Councilman Richard Davidson stated, "If we had done this right 10 years ago."
He requested exact cost figures. Long indicated that what cost around $40,000 a decade ago is now $82,300."
In addition to damage to the road, the pedestrian sidewalk has also suffered damage and is currently closed to foot traffic.
Councilman Tom Workman asked, "Will they shut down the bridge?"
Long indicated that it will be closed during the repairs.
"We estimate 30 days for shut down time," he said.
There were no reports from city officers and no correspondence.
The Neosho City Council will next meet in regular session at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 17 in council chambers at City Hall, located on the southeast corner of the Neosho Square.