For the last few years, TV viewers have watched cooking shows such as Hell's Kitchen or Top Chef or Cutthroat Kitchen.

For the last few years, TV viewers have watched cooking shows such as Hell's Kitchen or Top Chef or Cutthroat Kitchen.
With that in mind, one of the contestants from Top Chef and Cutthroat Kitchen will battle against a local chef on Saturday and Sunday at the Red Oak Steakhouse at Downstream Casino Resort.
Chef Frankie "The Bull" Terzoli - who appeared on Top Chef season 2, Cutthroat Kitchen and Kitchen Masters and will appear on an episode of Beat Bobby Flay will face off against Downstream's Chef Greg "Mouth of the South" Bolton.
The event titled as "Battle of the Chefs" will be held at 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. Saturday and again at 1 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are $75 each and a wine pairing for an additional $30 each. There will be a full bar available as well.
"We have never ever done this before, it is something that has been on our radar," said Lucus Setterfield, director of Downstream's Food and Beverage Department. "The cooking shows in general are so popular that these pitting one chef against another is just a really unique way of showcasing talent, but it is hard to kind of identify people that would be willing to do this."
Setterfield said that Bolton, himself and Downstream's executive chef traveled to Boston for a seafood show about a month ago and the seafood company that they work with.
"He (Terzoli) is one of their sponsors, he works closely with them," he said. "We all kind of hit it off really well and Greg and Frankie were kind of mouthing off to one another, so I said, 'why don't you come over to Red Oak and we will do a little chef battle. Frankie was kind enough to jump all over it, he is a great guy and a really nice guy. He just loves doing these kinds of things. And we saw that we could bring something unique to the area that has never been done before."
Setterfield said those who attend will be treated to a five-course meal prepared by both of the chefs. the first course will be homemade yeast rolls, beer bread and housemate Quapaw honey butter and chive butter. Then the battle begins.
• Dish one from Chef Bolton will include Cajun barbecue shrimp 'n' grits, served with smoked pork belly, micro green salad and sweet potato rosemary biscuit.  
• Dish one from Terzoli will include chocolate Ahi, strawberry smoked salmon, cherry hamachi and prosciutto salmon.
"On the second dish, they will both be utilizing our Quapaw Cattle Company beef for that," he said.
• Dish two from Terzoli will be parmesan crusted petite filet mignon with bomber sauce served with parmesan polenta and rapini greens.
• Dish two from Bolton will be beef tenderloin roulade with house-made herb cheese served with roasted tomato demi-glace, jalapeno Orzo Mac N' Cheese and beef bacon braised Swiss chard.
Both chefs will then move into desserts, Setterfield noted the dessert will not be part of the competition.
"It is a really nice dinner," he said.
Throughout the competition, a camera and monitors will be set up in the kitchen and viewers can see their progress on  Facebook Live.

"We will be giving everybody a score card, they will be able to vote on whichever one they like," he said.

So what will the winning chef get?
"We are going 'all-in' on the actual battle side of this, we have two really nice robes like boxing ring robes that we have for the guys," he said. "Each of them, we got them a set of boxing gloves with Downstream stitched into it. We have this massive belt, like a world championship belt that we had made, it looks really cool. It is mainly bragging rights."

Setterfield said they are really pleased offering this and hopes that it will be a yearly event.
"This is something that we would really like to see happen, at least once a year," he said. "Something that is cool, interesting, bringing around once a year... cooking is a part of who everybody is. You grow up whether it is grandma or mom or dad or someone at the grill, food is such a big part of our lives. It always hits home a little bit. it kind of gives you that feeling of, 'I can do this, I am seeing and watching it being done and I can do that, and that is always a great feeling.'"
For more information, call Downstream at 1-888-396-7876.