There is a new walk-in clinic in Neosho.

There is a new walk-in clinic in Neosho.
On Wednesday, Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce members held a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony at Big Spring Walk-In Clinic, 719 S. Neosho Blvd., Neosho (inside Mitchell's on the Boulevard).
"We opened that Free Market Physician clinic here about four years ago (in downtown Neosho)," said said Dr. Joseph Shepherd. "The idea was that we want anybody that has any form of income to be able to afford to get medical care. So that membership clinic (Free Market Physician) has been going for four years now, we no longer have the ability to take care of walk-ins (at the downtown), just because we are so busy."
Shepherd continued and said there are a couple of reasons for opening the new walk-in clinic.
"First off, Neosho needs a walk-in clinic, Neosho is a big enough community, it doesn't make sense for us to drive to Joplin or going into the ER for minor health problems," he said. "This is a neat thing for the community. Then the other part of it is that we are trying to make healthcare affordable for people. The insurance model just hasn't been working, has not been working for years and a place where people can come and pay a one-time fee ($70), being seen, being taking care of by someone competent and kind. It is a wonderful thing to have in a community.
Nurse practitioner Diane Rowe is located at the walk-in clinic.
"A lot of your minor conditions, kids with ear infections, sinus infections, allergies, people with cuts that need to be sewn up," said Shepherd. "Even folks that don't have primary care, that don't have a doctor that they can come and Diane can take care of high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and those things."
Rowe was also pleased about the opening of the clinic.
"I am really excited, thrilled and honored to be here," she said. "I know from my own experience, I have been a single mom before, I have had to get by paycheck to paycheck, I have had to sit in the ER with my kids, so having a clinic that is convenient and affordable where you can go and get in and out really quick is an important. It was a need that Dr. Shepherd saw, so when he and Tim Mitchell kind of came together, I was really thrilled and excited. The community has been great and coming out so."
Hours of operation are from Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.; closed on Tuesday mornings. Phone number is 417-633-7152.
"We are here for walk-in visits,"  Shepherd said.