Branco Enterprises, 12033 E. Highway 86, Neosho, celebrated 85 years in the construction business on Wednesday morning with a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house for the public.

Branco Enterprises, 12033 E. Highway 86, Neosho, celebrated 85 years in the construction business on Wednesday morning with a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house for the public.
“Branco was founded in 1933, originally as Branham Construction. It started as a custom home company and diversified in the 1940s," said Justin Branham, president of Branco. "We now do commercial, industrial, church, school, and civil projects too. We’ve been successful because of our employees – they are passionate about what they do and it shows in our work.”
According to information from a previous interview with John Branham, CEO of Branco Enterprises, "Price Branham founded Branham Construction in about 1933. In the 1940s, Curt Branham and my dad, Roy Branham, joined the company and they changed the name to Branham Brothers. Then in 1976, we incorporated Branco Enterprises."
Over the years, Branco has diversified from their beginnings.
"Price (Branham) started out as a residential contractor building custom homes, a lot of custom woodwork. In the 1940s, we diversified into some commercial, industrial, church and school facilities," John said. "We moved much more heavily into the commercial industrial field in the 50s and 60s. I came back in 1976 and in the 80s, with my background being civil engineering, I started moving us into some heavy civil type projects like water, and waste water treatment plants. Then later on, we started doing MoDOT work. So I guess what you could say at this point and time, we are very diversified general contractor. We still do a little residential, but commercial and industrial, a lot of community facilities such as schools, a lot of churches, then a lot of a heavy civil projects."
Branco's first office was located at 105 N. Jefferson St., Neosho, then moved to 107 N. Jefferson St. - where the current juvenile offices are. For awhile, they moved to where the Neosho-Newton County Library is and finally in 1997, they moved to their current location on Highway 86, near New-Mac Electric.
Prior to the ribbon cutting ceremony, Justin thanked the crowd who attended.
"We want to thank you all for coming out, but even more than that, for trusting us for 85 years, because without a bunch of the people standing here, we would not be the company that we are, so we thank you for your continued support, your past support and your future support," he said. "We are looking to do great things in Neosho, this is a great community, a great area down here in Southwest Missouri and we are just blessed and pleased that we have been able to be a part of it. Thank you very much."
Over the years, Branco has done projects not only here in Neosho, but elsewhere.
"anybody in the construction industry says that they don't take pride  when they see a building they built, they are not being honest with you, because that is one of things that makes us tick, being able to go to the community, community, to community to see something where you have literally changed the landscape," said Justin. "it is very rewarding, very gratifying to know that we are changing the landscape not only in Southwest Missouri, but in 14 other states as well."
The Neosho location has about 120 employees.
Future of Branco
Recently, Branco purchased land for another office located in Springfield.
"We are committed to a presence in Springfield. We have always been in Springfield, we have expanded our presence there and now it makes sense to have our own," said Justin.
What is next for Branco?
"We are seeing a pretty robust construction market right now, both private and government funded...," said Justin. "We are continuing to expand our ability to support our workforce through our apprenticeship program, more expanded technology across the board, primarily out in the field, more technological aspects to our superintendents and our field staff, so we just want to keep on innovating and finding a better way to do what we do."
Asked where he sees Branco in the next 85 years, Justin said, "we need to continue to innovate, we need to tackle the challenges that face our industry from a safety standpoint, a training standpoint, just continue to embrace that. and embrace our customers, give them what they want, find a better way to do things. we will just keep growing."