A local casino resort is planning a lot for their 10th year in business.

A local casino resort is planning a lot for their 10th year in business.
Downstream Casino Resort, located west of Joplin, kicked off their anniversary with ZZ Top on Sunday, July 1, with a concert at the outdoor venue. But the fun doesn't stop there.
"On July 4, we will have '10 years 10 cheers – win up to $1,010 cash and Q Play – Play & Earn,'" said Downstream Casino Resort's general manager Jani Cummings said. "On July 5, we will do a 'Peel & Win' necklace  - Play & Earn promotion. Then on July 7, it will be 1'0th Anniversary Blow Out $1010 every 30 minutes from 6  – 10:30 p.m."
The Daily News asked Cummings some additional questions.
NDN: How pleased is Downstream for this 10th anniversary?
Cummings: Obviously we are thrilled that we have reached that significant milestone – and the property still looks like it just opened!  This is a very competitive market and we never underestimate our competition and we never take our guests for granted.  We appreciate their loyalty and we value their patronage – whether it is in our restaurants, our hotel, at our concerts, in our meetings, conferences, trade shows or on the casino floor – it is valued and appreciated.

NDN: When Downstream started, did they anticipate on the two tours of hotel, a spa, the eating establishments and the outdoor venue?
Cummings: You always start with the “vision” and proceed with anticipation and some caution.  Demand is what drives the expansion.

NDN: Anything else, please add.
Cummings: We are celebrating both front of house with all of our guests and back of house with all of our great team members.  It takes the help of  a lot of great people to reach the ten year anniversary mark and we have the right ingredients – A great Tribe that contributes to and supports the surrounding communities, a fantastic team of employees who have built relationships with our guests and who deliver superb guest service and sincere appreciation for our guest’s loyalty, and a huge THANK YOU to our guests for allowing us the opportunity to serve them and help to make their visit an enjoyable experience.