With all council members present for the scheduled meeting of the Neosho City Council, council approved several bills on final readings.

With all council members present for the scheduled meeting of the Neosho City Council, council approved several bills on final readings.
As previously discussed, council unanimously approved Bill 2018-884 for the sale of surplus mowers and tablets. They also approved a measure to repeal Ordinance 522-2012, an ordinance which combined the Golf Course Board with the Parks and Recreation Board. Council voted to repeal that ordinance, thus creating a separate Golf Course Board.
"We're getting a great response from the golf people," Councilman Carmin Allen stated after the repeal passed. "Once we get this is place, you're going to see a lot of things happen out there (at the Neosho Golf Course) for the positive."
Bill 2018-885, a Budget Amendment also was passed.
"Council, this allows us to balance some line items, some negative, some positive, to keep everything balanced," Interim City Manager Dana Daniel told council members.
A bid from Jackson Sales and Service of Neosho to provide plumbing services to the City of Neosho was also approved. Bids were accepted and council voted to approve the bid submitted by Jackson Sales and Service.
"We have good feedback on his work," Daniel said. "All we need is for council to approve the bid so the Mayor can sign. He (Jackson) currently provides this service for the city."
Bids were also sought to provide city auditing services. The city sought bids from four firms but just two returned a bid, KPM, Springfield, Mo. and Cochran, Head and Vick, Kansas City. On the recommendation of city finance officer Daphne Pevahouse, the council voted to accept the bid from KPM.
Mayor Ben Baker read a proclamation declaring the Neosho License Office as the July Business/Employer of the Month.
 "We do have one proclamation for Employer of the Month, the Neosho License Bureau and we'll get that out to them this week," he said.
A thank you letter for the Neosho Police Department was received along with a donation of $50 from Gloria Mitchell, Decatur, Texas. According to the letter, Mitchell and her husband traveled to Neosho from Texas to attend the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of some friends. Although they attempted to use Google Maps, they were unable to locate the church where the party was being held and drove around Neosho for more than an hour. When they saw a Neosho Police Officer, they asked for directions and he assisted them in locating the church. "I was very touched by his kindness," Mitchell wrote. "I always like reading these letters because I think it shines through how the department is doing, going above and beyond their duties," Baker said.
In new business, the council approved a measure to put a use tax proposition on the November ballot. The use tax measure is designed to impose tax on purchases made out of state by Missouri residents and proponents believe it helps local businesses by encouraging customers to buy local.  The measure has been read and approved by both city attorney Steve Hays and the county clerk.
A resolution to increase golf course fees was approved. Golf Course Manager Bill Mulkey appeared before council. "It's a way for us to produce more revenue," Mulkey stated. "In the 30-week period we call our golf season, the increased fees will bring in about $1,128 a week or about $33,000 per year. It will help us but it will not make us an overpriced golf course in any way." The fee changes will be $2 on 9-holes and $4 on 18-holes.
The contract with Dalton Killinger for repairs to the South Street Bridge project was approved as previously discussed by council. The repairs are estimated to take about 2-3 weeks once started and the hope is that the project will be complete prior to the start of school. The bridge will be closed to traffic during the repairs.
A bid from APAC to provide summer asphalt and sealant for 19 streets was also approved and the project is expected to begin soon. A list of the streets scheduled will be available in the near future.
Council also approved the purchase of parts and pump parts to repair River Pump #2 at the Neosho Water Plant.
Celebrate Neosho 2018 was held last weekend. "I wanted to thank staff, especially Paul Richardson, for last weekend's Celebrate Neosho," Daniel told council.
Public Relations Manager and Events Coordinator Paul Richardson provided a brief rundown about the event and shared plans for next year.
"Last Fall Festival, we thought attendance gains were marginal," Richardson said. "On Celebrate Neosho, our gains were significant. We had people from as far away as Illinois and western Kansas."
Richardson reported that it took an hour to clear the parking lots due to the large crowds.
"Next year, we won't be doing the air show," Richardson explained. "The plan is to alternate with Joplin. Next year we will do something different, something way scaled down. I do have a plan for next year that includes rides for hire, a car show. There are things we can do. We might have to have a community watermelon feed. I'm going to do some checking to see if we are getting our monies' worth for fireworks, too."
The Neosho City Council will meet again in regular session on Tuesday, July 17 at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers at Neosho City Hall, located on the southeast corner of the historic downtown square.