More than 12,000 voters, just over 32 percent of registered voters in Newton County turned out to cast their ballots in the August Primary Election on Tuesday.

More than 12,000 voters, just over 32 percent of registered voters in Newton County turned out to cast their ballots in the August Primary Election on Tuesday.

Kay Baum, Newton County Clerk, called the turnout "good," noting that in 2014, the most recent midterm primary, 23 percent of voters turned out to vote.

"I estimated a turnout of around 30 percent," Baum said. "But it went a little beyond that."

Voters opted for either a Democrat or Republican ballot at their precincts.

On the state level, Josh Hawley gathered the most votes, 5,146, in Newton County, and became the official Republican candidate for United States Senator while on the Democratic ticket, incumbent Claire McCaskill, won Newton County with 1,290 votes. Statewide, Hawley got 58.6 percent of the Republican vote and McCaskill won 82.6 percent of the Democratic ballots.

Saundra McDowell, Republican candidate for state auditor, gathered 3,157 votes in Newton County and statewide became the official GOP runner for November. Nicole Galloway, Democrat, had 1,488 votes in Newton County and also became the Democratic candidate for that office.

Official candidates for United States Representative for the 7th District who won in Newton County were Republican incumbent Billy Long who had 6,558 votes cast for him in the county and statewide he won 65.1 percent of the vote. In the four way race on the Democratic ticket, candidate Kenneth Hatfield won the vote in Newton County with 501 votes but district wide, Jamie Schoolcraft won 40.6 percent of the vote and becomes the Democrat who will face Republican Long in November.

In the race for District 32 Missouri State Senator, Democrat candidate Carolyn McGowan had no opponents in the primary and on the Republican side, Bill White, Joplin, won over Rob O'Brien in Newton County with 6,418 votes for White and 3,562 for O'Brien. White also won the candidacy district wide and will face McGowan in the November general election.

In the three-way Republican race for the Missouri House of Representatives for the 160th district, Ben Baker, Neosho, edged out the competition with 3,709 votes. Raleigh Ritter, Seneca, came in second with 1,686 votes and David Osborn, Neosho, had 986 votes. Baker with face Democratic candidate Angela Thomas, Neosho, in November for the seat.

In Newton County, three Republicans vied for the Associate Circuit Judge for Division II Newton County Court. Jared Thomas came in third with 2,824 votes, Bryan Stevenson came in second with 3,050 and Christine Rhoades won with 4,346 votes. Since Rhoades is unopposed in the November election, she will take office in 2019 as the first female judge in Newton County history.

Another contested race on the primary ballot was county clerk. Tami Renfro Owens won with 4,609 votes, Dana Eads had 3,920 votes, and Dawnnette Osborn Burnett placed third with 1,177 votes.

Proposition A, the often called "right to work" measure passed in Newton County with 6, 801 yes votes and 5,471 votes. Statewide, however, Proposition A failed with 937,241 no votes, 67.5 percent of the vote and 452,075 yes votes.

Information about the November General Election, which will be held Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, candidates in all parties, and other ballot information will appear in future editions of The Neosho Daily News.