Each year since 1970 the Neosho Daily News has sponsored Share Your Christmas. This year, we have three families and we need the help of the community to make Christmas a little brighter for these folks.

The Neosho Daily News has a long-standing program we call Share Your Christmas that's been a tradition since 1970. We highlight a few families who need a little helping making Christmas merry for their family and we ask our readers to share.

We are now accepting new, unwrapped gifts at our offices at 1006 West Harmony in Neosho. We can also accept gift cards but company policy prohibits acceptance of cash or checks. Our office hours are 8:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. Monday through Thursday. If someone has items to deliver outside those times, call 417-451-1520 or 417-389-5885 to make arrangements to bring the donation to us. The deadline for receiving donations is Monday, December 17.

These are our three families this year:


This family is a single, working mother and a 10-year old son. They live paycheck to paycheck and cannot cove bills. The mom is seeking a second, even a third job if she can find one. The 10-year old suffers from a chronic illness that has had him hospitalized on occasion. It is currently under control but could flare up at any time.

The 10-year old wears size 10 Husky pants, 14/16 shirts, men's small underwear and a size 18 for a jacket or coat.

The mother wears size 20 pants, 2X-3X shirts or tops, and size 3X for a coat.

Gift cards for groceries and other stores would also be appreciated.


This family is a mother and her three sons, ages 13, 10, and 6.

The family is experiencing financial difficulties this year due to the oldest son's health issues. Because he recently was hospitalized, he requires around the clock supervision and has many appointments, the mother has had to leave her job to care for him. She is also going through a divorce.

Two of the three boys are high functioning autistic with sensory issues so they've requested no clothing because they can wear only certain types of clothing. All three children need shoes but since that's also challenging, the mom has asked for gift cards from a shoe store or Target where she can get shoes that will work for her kids.

The 13-year old is very artistic and love to paint with acrylics on canvas. He likes Hexbugs, crafts and he's into space and aeronautics, anything that flies. HIs big wish is for a Nintendo 2DS or 3DS and the Super Mario Maker DS game.

The 10-year old loves Pokemon, Star Wars, Minecraft and action figures. He's big into sports especially basketball (Steph Curry and The Golden State Warriors) and football (LA Rams).

The 6-year old also loves Pokemon, Star Wars, Minecraft and action figures. He also likes swords, guns and Batman.

All three boys loved to read so books would be appreciated. They would also like a big bean bag chair to read in, such as the Big Joe Bean Bag Chairs sold at Wal-Mart.

Gift certificates for movie tickets, roller skating, bowling and fun things would be great so the family can do all the fun things other families do that mom can't afford right now,

They have plumbing issues in their home and if a plumber would donate time or materials, it would be very much appreciated.

They also have a need for tree service because several limbs are over the house that mom fears might come down and through the roof in a storm so if anyone wanted to donate tree services or pay for the service, it would also be a blessing,

Family #3

This family consists of a mom, dad, and four children. There are two boys, ages 3 and 12 and two girls, ages 9 and 14. The mom normally works but is unable to at this time so it's made finances very tight for the family.

The 3-year old boy wears a size 11 shoes, 4T and 5T size pants and shirts. He loves dinosaurs and tractors.

The 9-year old girl wears size 1 in shoes. 9/10 pants and 9/10 in shirts. She likes Twozies, Barbies, and doll babies.

The 12-year old boy wears a size 7 shoe, 12-14 in both shirts and pants or a men's extra small. He enjoys video games, footballs, and would like a Hoverboard.

The 14-year old girls wears a size 5 in shoes. She wears a 2 or 3 in women's sizes for clothing and extra small shirts. She likes make-up, crafts and scrapbooking supplies.

The household would like to have a coffee pot, bath towels and wash cloths and could use paper products including toilet paper.

All new, unwrapped items, gift cards, and wrapping paper can be brought to The Neosho Daily News office at 1006 West Harmony in Neosho by December 17.