A class ring lost long more than four decades ago has been found, a long way from Neosho.

Across the country from the Ozarks, Leo Pelletier in Salem, Massachusetts, came across the class ring from Neosho High School complete with class year (1971), a Wildcat emblem, and initials.

Pelletier contacted the Neosho School District for help in tracking down the owner.

The district posted the information on their website and on Facebook - within a short time, other people shared the message and the owner was able to reclaim his ring.

Roger Wagner, Wildcat Class of 71, lost the ring during 1972 while serving in the United States Air Force, while stationed at K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base in Marquette, Michigan.

"This is so exciting," Wagner posted on social media after contacting Pelletier to regain the ring.

Just how the ring traveled from an Air Force Base to Massachusetts or how many stops it made along the way is unknown but all's well that ends well and the ring will soon be back with the original owner.